New Apple’s iPhone 12 Line Could Finally Get 5G Modem Chips in 2020

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New Apple’s iPhone 12 Line Could Finally Get 5G Modem Chips in 2020
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It is expected that Apple’s three 2020 iPhone flagships will have advanced 5G modems designed by Qualcomm.

In order to hold a throne of the world’s most innovative tech company, Apple is detected to deploy providers in order to make its first-ever 5G iPhones next year (“innovative” obviously doesn’t have the same meaning for Apple as for the rest of the world). As per Nikkei’s sources, there are three flagship models set to include the most advanced mobile processors that now exist including the leading-edge screens.

The company hopes that upgraded iPhones will prevail over Huawei‘s current position as the second-biggest smartphone maker.

The truth is – Apple is pretty slow in embracing new technologies when it comes to its products – whether it is 5G or a touch screen on its iMac. iPhone 11 series that Apple presented this year only features 4G wireless technology. Its competitors as are Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest smartphone supplier, China’s Huawei Technologies and second-tier companies as Oppo and Xiaomi, have all already launched their 5G phones.

China is most advanced when it comes to installing 5G capabilities around the country. By 2025, it is predicted the country will have 600 million 5G subscribers, about 40% of the world coverage.

For now, it is estimated that a total of 206 million new 5G phones will be produced worldwide in 2020.

Joey Yen, a tech analyst at market research agency IDC, said:

“Apple is lagging behind somewhat in introducing 5G products and it definitely wants to catch up. 5G is one of the fanciest marketing buzzwords around especially in such a mature and competitive market. It is a feature that can grab consumer attention and allow companies to claim they are technology leaders.”

Louis Liu, research analyst at Shanghai-based Canalys claims:

“Apple is more prepared than previous years to face strong headwinds in China. But it still faces a looming challenge, as Chinese vendors and operators are set to drive heavy marketing and promotions around 5G in the next two quarters. This could steal its thunder.”

The three new iPhones should, therefore, have the most advanced 5G modem chip, known as X55, designed by US mobile chip developer Qualcomm, four people familiar with the situation told Nikkei. However, since the chip, which also enables a lot faster downloads, faces such a demand growth that there could be some supply limitations.

The iPhones will also feature Apple’s latest-generation processor, known as A14, that will use the world’s most advanced 5-nanometer chip technology made by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

At least two of the three new phones will have OLED displays that enable curved screens, better color contrast, and brighter screens. Samsung and Huawei of course already are using OLED screens for their premium handsets.

From the company, they announced the developing of a new 3D sensing rear-camera that can recognize objects for applications such as augmented reality games.

It is still not completely sure what kind of public response these measures will have. The truth is, in its latest earnings report, Apple confirmed iPhone sales fell by 9% but still came in above expectations. Its revenue in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2019 stood at $64 billion, increasing 2% from the same period a year ago and topping analysts’ estimates. Diluted earnings per share (EPS) rose 4% year on year to a fourth-quarter record of $3.03. At the time of writing, the stock of Apple in premarket was rising by 1.94% to $247.99.

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