Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses are Coming Out Early Next Year

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Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses are Coming Out Early Next Year
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Apple is set to release new Augmented reality glasses by the second quarter of next year. The production is said to begin in the nearest future.

New claims are beginning to emerge that Apple is planning to introduce augmented reality glasses to the marketplace early next year. Sources indicate that popular Apple research analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a research note from TF International Securities with the information. 

In the note, Kuo observed that Apple will be working with several different companies to make this happen on time. Kuo also indicated that plans to get the new devices on the production lines are already in place and the rollout will start before the end of this year in anticipation of the launch in the second quarter of next year.

Being the Nostradamus of all things at Apple, Kuo had earlier this year indicated that the company was looking into manufacturing an Augmented reality device and will probably launch it in mid-2020. This research note which he released this time reveals that he brought the timeline forward to the second quarter of next year.

Kuo also believes that the augmented reality glasses will be an addon for the iPhones in the same vein that the first iWatch functioned at the time of launch. Also, he has further opined that the glasses will run off an rOS or reality operating system which is based on the popular iOS.

Kuo also mentioned in the research note that Changying Precision is tipped to become the chassis supplier for the glasses.

While this will be the first head-mounted AR device to be released in 2020, Facebook has been hot on the heels of the Cupertino technology giant and has partnered with Luxottica (famous for working with Google in 2014 on their Google Glass project) to create consumer-friendly AR glasses by 2023. Orion is another AR project that the social media giant is also working on which could even replace the cellphone.

For now though, the lead position in the augmented reality field still belongs to Apple as they plan to create a lean looking and very trendy pair of glasses which transfers a load of processing and other extra tasks to its connected iPhone while the focus on the internally generated optics processing capabilities will work within the frame of the glasses itself.

Apples’ release indicates that consumer technologies of the next decade will have one thing or the other to do with augmented reality. This, of course, goes to show that technology is never static and there will always be something new that pops up on the horizon.

Augmented reality, of course, sounds like science fiction of the years gone by but it has now come to manifestation thanks to the brilliant engineers at Apple and other technology companies.

In what comes as a success after more than three years of research this device will further expand Apple’s product offerings and will give the cult-like following of the phone-maker something else to rave about. 

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