Apple Is Going to Launch Its Esports Mac in 2020

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Apple Is Going to Launch Its Esports Mac in 2020
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It is expected that the price of a new esports Mac that Apple will launch next year will be up to $5,000.

Apple esports Mac is taking over the gaming market with a high-end version of its popular line of laptops. Esports in recent years has seen an exponential rise. It has all the chances to become an official sport soon. Reports say that esports may also join the Olympics. Professional gaming is gaining traction and recognition. High schools and even colleges are already launching gaming clubs. This is a sign that this is another professional activity that many young people are going to go into.

Apple itself even launched its famous Apple Arcade. A surprising rumor is already making rounds that the Cupertino California technology giant has plans to create a mega gaming computer. Sources say that the new Mac will cost upwards of $5,000. It is intended to satisfy the needs of electronic gamers. This is a new high in terms of price for the exclusive line of products that Apple already offers. Pundits say that the introduction of the new Mac will further boost Apple’s product line. It will also increase margins for suppliers across the supply chain. 

Apple Esports Mac to Improve Profits

The global esports market is expected to grow about $1 billion next year alone. This shows the potential for a new field where almost anybody can become a star. Sources also say that everyone involved in the manufacturing process of Apple’s products will profit. They range from Apple’s main assembly plant manufacturer Quanta, chip suppliers, TSMC, casings, and enclosure manufacturer Hongzhun and Kecheng, fan construction standards, wire factory and related microdevices manufacturer Liangwei, and power supply and power device units manufacturer Delta and Lite-On among others.

Sources have said that Apple is yet to make a major decision on the type of Mac to manufacture. Some users may require an all-in-one (AIO) machine. Others may prefer a laptop. The news about this and other things Apple has coming up will be available by June next year after the Global Developer Conference. 

Apple has indicated an interest in the global gaming industry. This year, it has launched its Apple Arcade ( with the introduction of iOS 13). Initially opened with more than 100 games, the technology giant has further increased the offerings. More devices can now access the Arcade. Subscription games are also available on the iPad and iPadTV as well. 

Apple is Set to Officially enter Gaming

Apple Arcade currently offers all sorts of games including action, puzzle, and even adventure games. Pundits say that more than 100 new games are released every month into the arcade. Most of the games can be controlled using remote controls, external game controllers or Siri touch. Extensive games support third party legacy drives and controllers such as the PlayStation DualShock 4, Xbox wireless controller, and other MFi game controllers and drivers.

Apple’s rumored entry into esports means that higher profits exist for manufacturers. It will be a big move for Apple, that has faced criticism for a lack of innovation in recent times. 

Let us also mention that Apple stock is currently on the rise. It is trading now for $284. Just compare: it started the year with a price of $157. Will a new device boost the price further? It’s difficult to say it right now. But there are high chances.

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