Why YouTube Bans Crypto-Related Videos?

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Why YouTube Bans Crypto-Related Videos?
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It’s hard to say how many YouTube creators already got their crypto-related content restricted or removed.

Even though Google tracks Santa and seems to be very Christmas-like, it doesn’t seem to care for the crypto community at all. YouTube, the Google-owned video-sharing platform apparently started restricting or even deleting crypto-related videos or those who were flagged to be that way. Some crypto influencers even said their videos or even the whole channels were completely removed. The founder of Skill Incubator, a company that teaches valuable skills to help people thrive in today’s economy, and famous Bitcoin trader Chris Dunn had one of the most popular channels in the industry with more than 200,000 subscribers.

However, on Monday Dunn realized that the video platform had removed some of his videos, explaining its content is “harmful or dangerous” and said it promoted the “sale of regulated goods.” What the funny part is, Dunn has been making similar content for more than ten years, and so far, there haven’t been any troubles.

One of the most popular crypto channels that explains Bitcoin and trading with it, BTC-Sessions, seems to be having similar issues. Again, the funny part – its video that was posted more than three years has been completely removed with the same explanation, that it was harmful and dangerous.

Let us just mention that no prior notice from YouTube or Google was given in both cases.

The weird (and funny) part is, that in the last few years, YouTube was undoubtedly one of the best “storages” for crypto and blockchain content. Many channels were developed and had a massive audience as well.

Is It Really a Security Measure?

Cryptocurrency YouTube content creator and influencer Omar Bham says the video behemoth is taking hard (and may we say unnecessary) actions against the industry. Bham had previous experience with corporation forces demonstrating their power by eliminating his crypto-related Facebook group not so long ago. And it wasn’t just a group that was removed, but also all accounts associated with its moderating. That time – no explanation given.

Bham believes that Youtube might be doing the same thing now and strongly questions the real motives behind the whole situation.

However, this is definitely not the first time social networks decided to rule against the crypto industry. Back in 2018, both Google and Facebook decided to forbid crypto-related advertisements. Later in the year, Google partially removed the ban, and so did Facebook.

Person under the Twitter name Realist News said that a 2017 video on creating a Bitcoin wallet on the ‘jsnip4’ channel was also noted as “dangerous and harmful” due to the links in the description box.

Also, just a day before Dunn, Josh Centers, the managing director of TidBITS, said his video in which he criticizes Coinbase‘s verification process has been removed under the same policy Dunn’s videos got restricted. He tweeted:

“My completely benign video about Coinbase’s crappy verification process was pulled by YouTube and netted me a warning about “harmful and dangerous” content.”

Let’s just say that no official statement regarding the issue came on behalf of YouTube so it is still for us to see if this was an intentional attack or a security measure.

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