Apple’s New iOS 14 Lets You Unlock Car Using Your iPhone as Digital Car Key

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Apple’s New iOS 14 Lets You Unlock Car Using Your iPhone as Digital Car Key
Emily Schubert (Engineering Manager at Apple) demos how digital car keys enable users to unlock and start their car through NFC, without removing their phone from their pocket or bag. Photo: Apple Inc.

In a move to bring the next-generation technology experience, the iOS 14 update brings a CarKey feature that allows users to unlock their cars using the NFC communications reader.

On Monday, June 22, Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) announced an upgrade to its iPhone operating system, the iOS 14. The announcement happened during Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2020 Keynote address. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic response, Apple decided to conduct this year’s WWDC as a digital-only event.

The smartphone giant announced a new software upgrade to its entire line of products iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple TV and Apple Watch. The company also announced major development of moving from Intel chips to its own Apple chips for its MacBooks and PCs. Apple said that it will enable faster performance for its desktops and laptops.

The Apple iOS 14 bring a ton of features including better UI, redesigned home screen, default mail app or browser app settings, etc. However, the most interesting feature was turning your iPhone in a digital car key.

Using Your iPhone as a Digital Car Key

Dubbed as the CarKey, the new feature allows an iPhone user or an Apple Watch user to pair their device with the car supporting this functionality. The pairing occurs by holding the device to the car’s NFC reader. You will find this reader usually around the car’s door handle.

Users of the CarKey feature can set up their profiles in two different ways. This is either done with a face scan or a fingerprint scan to unlock their car every time. To skip the biometric scan users can also use the “express mode”. After being inside the car, the user can put their iPhone anywhere – in the bag or the pocket – and still start the car.

Another interesting feature of the Apple CarKey is that the user can share their digital keys with family or friends. This can be done using Apple’s iMessage feature, with or without restrictions. This is like the user can limit the time of access for the recipient. In case your iPhone goes missing, you can turn off the digital car keys using your iCloud account.

Germany-based automobile giant BMW will be the first to integrate the Apple CarKey feature. Starting July 2020, this feature will be available of owners of the 2021 BMW-5-series.

Additional Features Available with iOS 14

Along with the interesting Digital CarKey features, the iOS 14 upgrade brings several other interesting features. For the first time, iOS bring the ability to set default email and browser apps. Besides, users can also pin widgets and new widgets from the gallery to the home screen.

Interestingly, Apple has a special widget that uses the power of AI which predicts that data the user wants to see. The new “App Library” feature in iOS 14 helps to organize apps in a systematic way. To Apple’s own messaging application, iOS 14 brings new features like Mentions, Memojis, and Avatars.

The company also unveiled a new lightweight form of software called App Clips which can be easily launched through a text message or web. Using App Clips users can also pay through Apple Pay using Apple’s sign-in method. Additionally, Apple has also brought some privacy changes to the App Store.

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