Apple Is Expected to Release a New iPhone without Any Ports in 2021

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Apple Is Expected to Release a New iPhone without Any Ports in 2021
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An analyst has said that Apple’s iPhone will not come with wired charging in 2021. As the company is working on new products, its stock is on the rise.

Apple’s iPhone 11 is just over 2 months old but has been so successful that there have been several reports that the company is struggling under the high volume of demands. It’s worth mentioning that it has a positive impact on the company’s stock. Along with the new iPhone, Apple also released other products such as the Airpods Pro, which has also caused quite a bit of competition among Apple’s manufacturers as they also are finding it hard to meet up. In the midst of all of the confusion about the new offerings, new details about Apple’s products for 2020 and 2021 have already come to light.

According to a  reportfrom 9to5Mac, popular Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has made interesting claims about Apple’s future products. Kuo has now said that one of the iPhone versions which will be released about two years from now, will come without any connecting ports.

Because the global tech community has seen a considerable increase in the use of USB-C ports, it had been widely believed that Apple would make this change as well. Instead, Kuo says that in 2021, the iPhone will “provide the completely wireless experience.”

While Apple has not confirmed the report and most likely will not, it’s interesting to see how well a portless phone will fair in the market. Even though wireless charging is not new and has been around for quite a while, it has always been an optional function. Making wireless charging somewhat “compulsory” will definitely have some effect on the perception of the iPhones and Apple in general. This is because the option of using the iPhone while plugged in most likely will not be available anymore and the only way to make sure customers don’t miss wired charging is for Apple to significantly improve the phone’s battery life.

The analyst has also said that before 2021, Apple will release four new OLED iPhones by 2020. He says that there will be one with a 5.4-inch display, two with 6.1-inch display and another much bigger one with a 6.7-inch display. Kuo also suggests that the cameras for these offerings will be different. The 5.4-inch phone will come with a dual-camera and the 6.1-inch version will come in two variations with the lower one installed with dual-camera and the improved version with the recently released camera with three lenses. The 6.7-inch model will also have three lenses and both the higher 6.1 and 6.7 will also come with time-of-flight 3D technology.

Based on Kuo’s predictions, Apple will release five new iPhones before the end of 2020. Kuo’s previous forecasts have had a reasonable level of accuracy meaning that fingers are generally crossed as to what to expect for iPhone’s future.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) is currently at $265.58, increasing by 1.47% over its previous close. On Tuesday however, AAPL fell 3% in one day, making it the company’s largest intraday percentage drop. On the bright side, however, it has gained almost 50% since June and has been performing quite well. At $1.2 trillion, AAPL is currently the largest stock by market cap.

And with the company’s great plans for the product range extension, investors may really expect to see even better days of Apple stock. However, only time will show where we will see the company’s stock in a year.

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