Apple Hits Refresh Button with Its macOS 11 Big Sur Design

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Apple Hits Refresh Button with Its macOS 11 Big Sur Design
Users can create and customize Memoji on the Mac, and share Memoji stickers that match their mood or personality. Photo: Apple Inc

The latest macOS update aka Big Sur aims to bring a unified user experience across all Apple devices by merging the functional elements of apps and tools on the iPhone and iPad.

Earlier this week, Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) unveiled its next-generation MacBook devices with its native silicon M1 chipsets at the “One More Thing” event. This is one of the biggest transitions as Apple will be making in-house chipsets for the first time. Along with it, Apple also unveiled the macOS 11 Big Sur update – the latest operating system for all its laptops and PCs.

As of Thursday, Apple has started pushing its Big Sur update to most of the Macs worldwide. The Big Sur update brings a completely new redesigned interface to the macOS. With this update, Apple has tried to merge the user experience on iOS and the macOS.

The new icons appearing with macOS Big Sur are quite similar to those appearing on iPad and iPhones. The docks and the main menu bar get a modern look with its interface similar to Apple’s other products. Drawing a cue from iPhones, the macOS Big Sur also makes the Control Center easily accessible. Thus, users can easily access crucial settings like Bluetooth, WiFi, AirDrop and others.

Moreover, the widget with Big Sur gets a bit of tweaking like grouping them together or dismissing all at once. Similar to the iPhone, the most recent notifications appear at the top. Popular macOS widgets like calendar, stocks, weather, and reminders get a fresh redesign.

macOS Big Sur Updates: Messages, Safari, and Maps

The macOS 11 Big Sur update makes the ‘Messages’ just similar to the apps on the iPhone and iPad. Users can also group them and pin them at the top of the page for quick and easy accessibility to the group chats. Similar to the iPhone, users can also share their name and photo so that everyone automatically has a picture of you in their chats. Some of the additional features include image search, in-line replies, and Memoji stickers.

Apple’s native browser Safari gets a total redesign with enhanced performance. Apple says that frequently visited websites can load 50% faster than Chrome. An interesting new feature is that users can get a website preview just by hovering the mouse over an open tab. Thus, before opening the website, users can get a preview of the info they’re possibly looking for. Additionally, Safari is also getting extensions in the App Store. Extensions are tiny apps designed for specific functionality and competitors like Chrome are having them for a long time. Besides, the Safari update also brings new privacy reports informing how the websites are using your information.

With the macOS11 Big Sur, Apple Maps also get a nice refresh. Just like Google Street View, Apple Maps introduce the 3D Look Around feature along with cycling routes. It also brings indoor maps and the option to create a guide before the city tours. Users can save the list of sites and restaurants they want to visit.

All-in-all there are quite some noticeable changes with the latest macOS update that brings along a unified experience across Apple devices. The macOS Big Sur update is majorly available to all MacBooks released after 2014.

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