Apple Might Remove Twitter App for Violating App Store Policies

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Apple Might Remove Twitter App for Violating App Store Policies
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Apple requires that UGC apps like Twitter should have strong content moderation in places.

In a series of tweets, Elon Musk, the new Twitter boss, claimed that Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has threatened to remove the social media app from its App Store. Apple noted the planned removal results from its latest review of content moderation. The world’s richest man also called the App Store fees a “secret 30% tax”. He proceeded to make a poll asking if “Apple should publish all censorship actions it has taken that affect its customers.” According to Musk, Apple has pulled down most of its advertisements on Twitter.

Twitter’s CEO Says Apple Wants to Remove App

Apple devices are well-known for their tight app security against third-party app installments. Apple’s App Store is the only way applications can be installed on iPhones. The removal of Twitter from the App Store will make the bird app lose one of its major distribution platforms, though users would still be able to access the app via the Web.

Furthermore, iPhone app makers are expected to pay an alleged tax that ranges between 15 to 30 percent for any digital goods sold through their apps. The recent Twitter monetization, like the Twitter Blue subscription, will generate billions of dollars for Elon Musk, that in turn generate a large sum for Apple as its charges. Prior to this, Apple was challenged for its App Store fees and policies by reputable companies like Spotify and Epic Games. The new challenge by Elon Musk might become Apple’s biggest challenge to its iPhone App distribution.

Since Elon Musk tweeted, Apple has not commented on any of his tweets. However, there is an assurance that Apple is monitoring the social media app in case it violates any App Store policies.

After Twitter’s takeover, representatives from unnamed app stores, including Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store, contacted Twitter earlier this month. The CEO of and Apple’s former head of Apple’s app review, Phillip Shoemaker, has deleted his Twitter account after Musk took over. He believes that Apple’s review department is watching closely for any loose content on Twitter.

Why Apple Might Remove Twitter from Its App Store

There are two major reasons Apple might take down Twitter from its iOS Store. First, Apple requires that UGC apps like Twitter should have strong content moderation in places. In 2022, Apple took down Parler, one of Twitter’s competitors, due to insufficient content moderation. Since Musk resumed, the Twitter content moderation workforce has been reduced. Another reason is similar to the ongoing case between Apple and Epic Games. Apple ejected Epic Games App when the game platform implemented a system to bypass Apple’s 15% to 30% charges for digital purchases.

Other minor violations against Apple’s code of conduct include using adult content on Twitter. The bird app is one of the popular social media networks that allows adult content. App reviewers at Apple have failed to give explicit detail of what Twitter needs to do to pass the review.

Previously, Musk had always called out Apple for its conduct and App policies. He recently complained about Apple’s App Store fees, although Tesla does not support in-app purchases. The Tesla founder also mocked Apple’s alleged plan to build electric cars. In 2015, he called Apple the “Tesla Graveyard” for hiring rejected Tesla employees.

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