Ardadex Protocol Launch the First AMM and NFT Marketplace on Cardano

September 28th, 2021 at 7:16 am UTC · 3 min read

Ardadex Protocol Launch the First AMM and NFT Marketplace on Cardano
Photo: Ardadex Protocol

Ardadex Protocol is the first decentralized finance to provide both DEX and NFT marketplace. Ardadex Protocol has announced its public launch on Cardano Blockchain network. The DeFi token $Ardan, which prides itself on being the next generation of DeFi “built to disrupt the traditional financial ecosystem,” is powered on Ardadex Ecosystem.

The Ardadex Ecosystem is the parent company of promising projects like Ardadex swap and Ardadex NFT marketplace for Digital Creators, Musicians, Artistes and online creators to Mint & trade digital commodities as NonFungible Tokens.

Ardadex will give On Chain Cardano Custom Fit De-Fi solutions in a trusted and decentralized manner. Instead of matching the buy and sell sides in a normal centralized exchange environment, Automated Market Markers (AMMs) employ a peer-to-pool technique to compute asset price algorithmically using a conservation function.

Impressive Use Cases on NFT Space

Ardadex is on a mission to create a truly decentralized yet robust NFT Platform where digital creators can turn their Photos, Ideas, Music & Paintings into Non Fungible Tokens. All of these goods can launch as tokens that can be redeemed as physical objects. By dropping it as a token, we enable goods to:

  1. Have a dynamic price on the Blockchain
  2. Traded In Fractions and can also be owned fractionally

Ardadex NFT platform will usher in a new paradigm of creation and exchange, enabling creators to:

  1. Earn all of the value they’ve created by selling their goods as NFTs at a dynamic price.
  2. Call on their huge following (those with a substantial amount of followers) to participate and buy into the ideas and the products they love early in the process of creation.

What Are the Advantages of Ardadex Ecosystem

  1. Early Access To Exclusive NFT Drops
  2. Redistribution from every buy, sell and transfer of $Ardan token
  3. Become a liquidity provider on the Cardano Blockchain using AMM protocol and earn passive income.
  4. Trade and transfer to a different address in a single transaction
  5. Trade ADA for any Cardano Native Token
  6. Join liquidity pools to collect fees on ADA – Cardano Native Tokens pairs
  7. Buy ADA or any Cardano Native Token from Yoroi wallet
  8. Participate in a decentralized financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all
  9. Using Ardan as Payment Currency For Fees & Featured Listings
  10. An on-chain referral program has been implemented to incentivize users to invite friends to join the farming. Inviters will earn 10% of his/her friends’ token purchase.
  11. Strong ecosystem background.


The distribution of Ardan tokens has been carefully designed to create a decentralized, community-driven DeFi protocol that is not controlled by a small group of actors, total amount of one billion (1,000,000,000) Ardan tokens will be minted and will be distributed.

  1. At pre-sale stage, 1 Ardan Token will be sold for 0.001 ADA
  2. At public sale stage, 1 Ardan Token will be sold for 0.003 ADA

Ardadex Token Pre-sale Is Active

Users can be one of the early adopters of the $ARDAN tokens by participating in the ongoing token pre-sale. Visit our website and click on the pre-sale link to participate in the first phase sale.

The Trend Setter for the Future

With a growing ecosystem of decentralized financial products and several features already planned for future release, isn’t just another DeFi protocol but rather, an innovative project to surely watch out for.

Further Information: Telegram Group, Telegram Channel, Twitter, Instagram, Medium.