Ardana Public Sale: One Step Closer to DANA

Place/Date: - October 12th, 2021 at 5:00 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Ardana, Source: Ardana

Ardana Public Sale: One Step Closer to DANA
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Ardana Public Sale Registration

Ardana is excited to announce that we will be conducting our first of two public sale rounds directly through our website. Registration for our public token sale will commence at 2pm UTC on October 14th, 2021. DANA tokens power the Ardana ecosystem, and this event gives the community a chance to purchase these utility tokens.

Ardana Public Sale – Important Dates

Below is critical information and dates concerning the public sale:

  • Tokens Allocated for Event: 1,666,666 DANA.
  • Token Type: Cardano Native Token (CNT).
  • Registration: October 14th, 2021, at 2:00 pm UTC, 8000 available spaces.
  • Sale: October 28th, 2021, at 2:00 pm UTC, 2000 available spaces.
  • Token Launch: Mid November
  • Lockup: 30% of tokens released initially at month 0. 30% released month 1 weekly, 40% released month 2 weekly.
  • Price: $0.60 USD.
  • Amount per person: $500 USD.
  • Funding Tokens Accepted: USDT, USDC, ETH (ERC-20 vs Metamask/cold wallets only).
  • Qualification: users must meet eligibility requirements. U.S. residents and citizens are not eligible to participate.
  • Please note that there will be a cap on the overall number of registrations.
  • To participate in the sale, KYC must be completed successfully by all those who wish to participate.
  • Location.

Cardano Native Wallet Setup

If you are an Ardana supporter and are thinking of buying DANA, you first must set up a secure Cardano wallet to receive and store your coins. Here is a wallet creation guide we have put together to help all newcomers to the Cardano ecosystem get started.

The Goal of Ardana’s Public Sale

The overarching goal for the public sale is to reward our community for the encouragement and support we have received throughout the development and launch process and to maintain our network operations.

With this in mind, we have decided to make the sale as inclusive as possible by:

  • Implementing a low maximum contribution threshold to prevent major funds from swooping in and taking a substantial allocation, i.e. no whales.
  • Ensuring all members of the community have a fair chance to participate by running this sale.
  • And lastly, the purchase price of the tokens will be minimal.

We believe these conditions will give all our members a fair chance of participating in the sale.


This event is not the only way for existing community members and soon-to-be DANA token holders to participate. In the future, we will be holding a second sale through the Occam launchpad and more details will be announced soon.

In the meantime, have your Cardano wallet setup, register for the sale on the 14th of October through our website, wait for our sale on the 28th of October and we look forward to seeing you there!

About Ardana

Ardana is Cardano’s stablecoin hub which will bring the necessary DeFi primitives needed to bootstrap & maintain any economy to Cardano. Ardana offers an on-chain asset-backed stablecoin and a decentralized stable-asset DEX. The stablecoin is verifiably backed by an excess of on-chain collateral and will enable borrowers to take leverage on their ADA or other supported assets. The DEX is a highly capital efficient exchange enabling swaps with minimal slippage & fees while providing low-risk yield opportunities to liquidity providers.

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