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ARK Is Almost Ready to Launch Beta Version of Its Platform

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
ARK Is Almost Ready to Launch Beta Version of Its Platform
Photo: ARK

ARK continues to develop its platform in total transparency, and is looking forward to present a new and improved version of the project.

ARK, the decentralized blockchain-based platform, has recently announced that it will soon roll out a new and improved version of the project. It will include features intended to boost the efficiency of ARK and optimize outcomes that the team is trying to achieve.

For now, however, the new version of ARK, dubbed ARK Core v2, is still on the stage of development. In the meantime, the developers let people to have an inside look into the progress they have made since they began to work on the new project in the Fall of 2017. According to the official press release, the improvements are necessary for the effective implementation of the Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism ARK is based on.

During the development process, the team has also discovered that the Crypti/Lisk legacy code they used was not sufficient for the goals that they were pursuing. The old codebase has been replaced on an entirely new one that will be more suitable for the platform. The team is almost ready to publish the new version of the platform and, while some kinks still need to be smoothed out, a beta version is expected to be available in the near future for public testing.

Some things to expect with ARK Core v2 include the ability to run on Mac, Windows and Linux, a single command line install, support for a multitude of databases, dynamic fees, a revamped testing framework and 100% backwards compatibility with the old v1 protocol.

ARK’s Co-founder, Francois Thoorens, has commented on of what the team has achieved:

“Once the blockchain is downloaded and assuming it is not corrupted, we have managed to perform a complete rebuild in a little over 1 minute for mainnet on a Macbook Pro. So now each time you restart your node, the script performs a rebuild so processes can be safely synced back to the network. We are still working to improve this rebuild to make a complete blockchain audit detecting any corruption of the blockchain.”

ARK is currently experimenting with different methods of implementing the company’s ideal vision. The team works transparently right in the process of development – a rather unusual approach dissimilar to other blockchain projects, where it is common to hide problem areas under marketing fluff.

The main goal of ARK is to achieve cryptocurrency mass adoption by making it easier to use by creating an interoperable ecosystem of blockchains.

Through the use of SmartBridges, ARK will connect blockchains with each other, so that the Bitcoin Blockchain could communicate with the Ethereum Blockchain, for instance. With ARK, people will be able to use all the different kinds of blockchains without a need to buy every crypto attached to them.

In essence, the blockchain community is fragmented evolving into a bunch of completely separate and smaller economies. ARK wants to change that with its SmartBridge technology, so that different blockchains could work as one seamless economy, ultimately making the infant tech more consumable to the masses.

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