ARK Announces Sponsorship and Attendance of Miami Bitcoin Conference and Cambridge Hackathon

January 12th, 2018 at 5:55 pm UTC · 3 min read

ARK, a revolutionary blockchain-based platform for consumer adoption is working on a new level of user interaction which will make blockchain readily available for people from all spheres of life. ARK is considering one of its primary goals of 2018 to educate and apprise the general public of the capabilities of their well-established platform.

The team behind the development of the groundbreaking platform have announced a contact movement throughout the globe for this purpose. For the month of January 2018, ARK has announced premier sponsorship campaigns for two big events of the month; The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) on January 18th and 19th and Hack Cambridge Hackathon slated to take place from 20-21 January 2018.

The North American Bitcoin Conference

ARK has announced that it is a gold sponsor for TNBC, one of the biggest bitcoin and blockchain conferences in the world. ARK’s Dr. Scott McPherson, an integral part of the ARK team, will deliver a keynote address at the conference at the main stage to educate the public about the advancements in blockchain and the ARK platform itself.

Hack Cambridge

ARK have also announced that the platform is now a GIGA sponsor of Hack Cambridge, a respected conference + hackathon in one of the most prestigious educational institutes in the world, Cambridge University. Over 300 programmers, student hackers and designers will take part in the hackathon and conference from around the world.

ARK is using this opportunity to attract new talent into its team via “presentations, workshops, demos, technical support, and the always popular swag”. The ARK team will engage participants, community developers and students in new ways to put the platform and the blockchain into real world applications.

The following ARK team and community members will be attending HackCambridge:

Kristjan Košič — back-end ARK team developer

Alex Barnsley — full-stack ARK team developer

Karel L. Kubat — ARK community developer

Ruud Seegers — ARK community developer

About ARK Ecosystem

ARK is a new cryptocurrency ecosystem focused on consumer adoption through a series of innovative core technology advancements, practical applications for everyday use, and strategic partnerships with industry leaders. By utilizing the ARK SmartBridge, ARK will be able to link together existing blockchain technologies into the ARK Ecosystem and build a robust platform that will bring a new level of user interaction.

About ARK Team

The ARK Team was founded by 27 individuals from around the globe. Currently ARK has 17 core team members, coming from 11 different countries, giving a decentralized team a whole new meaning. The team is dedicated to the success of the ARK Ecosystem and the next generation of integrated cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions. With diverse backgrounds, including engineering, medicine, education, front-end, and back-end development, the ARK Team is a robust team of diverse experts unlike any other in the space.


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