ARK Coin Partners with Ledger Hardware Wallets, Unveils New Projects

September 13th, 2017 at 1:19 pm UTC · 3 min read

ARK Crew, the team behind ARK Blockchain Ecosystem, has hit another major milestone to become the first Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) token to be integrated into a cryptocurrency hardware wallet. This addition of the ARK token to Ledger hardware wallets is a major step toward solidifying the ARK Ecosystem as a market leader in the space. The new development is just one of its many impressive accomplishments in recent times.

Hardware wallets act as an additional level of security for cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. These physical devices can store cryptocurrencies offline, in a secure fashion. Now users can not only secure the ARK tokens within a Ledger hardware wallet but also utilize Ledger Nano S to cast votes within the ARK DPoS governance system without having to re-enter a passphrase. The new feature makes ARK more streamlined and easier to use.

Unlike Bitcoin, in ARK’s DPoS hybrid blockchain, it is not the largest mining power that determines who creates blocks and validates transactions, but instead, it is the token holders who cast votes for which node operators should be responsible for securing the blockchain.

ARK is a relatively new technology but is quickly becoming one of the most trusted names in the industry. It continues to move forward with a strong development team and several major new features. The team recently sponsored the Fintech Week conference in New York. In addition to the Ledger partnership, they unveiled several key pieces of the roadmap for their complete ecosystem. This includes ArkVM (ARK Virtual Machine), and a community project known as ACES (ARK Contract Execution Services), which demonstrates the first application of ARK SmartBridge between the ARK and Ethereum blockchains.

ARK Virtual Machine and ARK Contract Execution Services

ArkVM allows users to automatically create transactions or perform specific actions on the ARK blockchain. Also known as smart contracts, ArkVM will provide Solidity developers with a new sandboxed environment within the ARK ecosystem, and facilitate communications between the two bridged chains, with ARK to Ethereum as the first example.

ARK Contract Execution Services, or ACES, is a community sponsored and developed project utilizing the ARK SmartBridge to provide users with the ability to connect to the Ethereum Blockchain via an ARK created technology known as “Encoded Listeners”. ACES will allow users to execute smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain utilizing ARK as a payment source while automatically calculating relevant fees.

SmartBridge, paired together with ARK’s specially developed Encoded Listening Nodes, allows ARK to connect and interoperate with any blockchain. This creates an interconnected ecosystem of compatible blockchains with the ability to transfer data or tokens back and forth to each other. In a recent interview, Mike Doty ARK’s Managing Director said,

“One major future use-case of SmartBridge and interconnected blockchains will be the ability for a decentralized exchange in a trustless environment.”

ARK’s constant development and technological breakthroughs are evident, resulting in a recent market cap push that broke past $400 million according to CoinMarketCap.

ARK and Ledger are also offering limited edition ARK branded Ledger Nano S devices which can be found at Only 1000 units will ever be made.

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