ARK Token Listed on Cryptocurrency Exchange OKEx, Available for Immediate Trading

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ARK Token Listed on Cryptocurrency Exchange OKEx, Available for Immediate Trading

ARK, a leading digital asset trading platform offering token exchange and derivative trading to users globally, has collaborated with OKEx, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

All-in-one blockchain solution ARK has partnered with Tim Draper-backed OKEx digital exchange. ARK became avalable for trading on the platform immediately, paired with BTC, ETH, and USDT. OKEx is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with nearly $1.5 billion USD of volume traded daily, 60% of which is from China.

Widely regarded as the gold standard of crypto exchange, the platform offers more than 40 crypto trading pairs and 5 futures pairs, serving millions of customers from over a hundred different countries. ARK’s partnership with the highly respected platform will enable users acquire ARK’s groundbreaking cryptocurrency with total security.

ARK is a highly scalable and ambitious crypto project aiming to create an adaptable and flexible ecosystem of user-friendly blockchain solutions for mass consumption.

Hence, its “All-in-One” moniker. Rather than expending manpower and resources for building the blockchain from scratch, ARK’s enterprising solution enables companies to append their own delegates to the existing capabilities on the ecosystem and repurpose the blockchain for their own use at the click of a button.

This simplification of blockchain solutions design and deployment is targeted not only at revolutionizing the industry, but also at improving the adoption and advancement of the technology by eliminating the two main obstacles hindering its usage — developer knowledge and blockchain creation from scratch.

ARK’s solution is not limited by blockchain creation alone. The platform’s one-stop solution for all crypto needs includes smart contracts, cryptocurrency solutions, point-of-sale solutions for merchants, interoperability via Smart Bridge/ACES, and more. The platform has been heralded as the evolution of blockchain technology being successfully adopted on OKEx’s platform.

The access to all the services built into ARK’s network can be reached simply by using ARK tokens instead of a wide range of other tokens and coins, that are usually required for the majority of services. The company’s all-in-one ecosystem ensures that users can seamlessly link together functions and services on their own blockchain or connect to the already existing ones.

To celebrate the news, OKEx has announced a two-staged giveaway of 75,000 ARK coins to its users. On the first stage, all OKEx users following the platform’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Weixin) will receive a code as a chance to win 10,000 free ARK tokens randomly airdropped on WeChat through a lucky draw game.

On the second stage, all new accounts registered during the promotional period on OKEx will be eligible for a lucky draw, when the total trading volume of ARK on the platform exceeds 10 million tokens. Participants and contributors to the volume growth of the token will be able to win free tokens from a lucky draw of 65,000 tokens in total.

ARK wallet for deposit was officially opened on OKEx on Dec 20, 2017. ARK’s development is driven by a strong and innovative team backed by firm technological foundation, ensuring that confidence in the project remains at all-time high.

ARK represents itself a leading digital asset trading platform that offers token exchange and derivative trading to users globally. OKEx currently offers over 40 token trading pairs and 5 futures pairs. Its industry leading BTC futures trade has nearly $1.5B of volume daily and is widely regarded as the gold standard for the industry. OKEx have served millions of customers from over 100 countries, with about 60% of users originating from China.

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