All-in-One Blockchain Platform ARK Signs Up Top Marketing Guru to Create Awareness

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
All-in-One Blockchain Platform ARK Signs Up Top Marketing Guru to Create Awareness
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All-in-one blockchain bridging solution provider ARK has announced the addition of marketing expert Jeremy Epstein to its team.

Describing itself as an all in one Blockchain, ARK is an ambitious project that has gathered a lot of interest across the crypto community. Representing itself as a method to bridge different tokens and coins, ARK basically acts as a middleman to connect multiple and incompatible Blockchains and exchange information, including monetary value.

The platform is being developed by a team consisting of 17 members coming from nearly a dozen of different countries. In their effort to get more expertise on board, the team has recently announced the addition of marketing expert Jeremy Epstein to guide the organization’s publicity and brand awareness strategy as it enters the next stage of development.

With a two decade of experience in international marketing, Jeremy Epstein addition to the team is a privilege as his associations include leading organizations such as Microsoft. His biggest achievement is connected with Sprinklr, where he grew the company’s worth from a humble $20,000,000 to $1,800,000,000 in only 4 years.

He is also the CEO of Never Stop Marketing, a leading marketing firm that specializes in helping blockchain-based companies to improve the image, drive market awareness and generally increase growth. Epstein is also a regular contributor to different Blockchain publishers, such as Bitcoin Magazine, VentureBeat and a frequent guest in the Bitcoin Podcast.

Apart from his years in the industry as a leader possessing a great following, Jeremy is also one of the founders of Crypto Explorers, a community of individuals and organizations that are passionate about the Blockchain technology.

With his vast experience in Blockchain marketing, a huge fan base, invaluable connections and an unparalleled ability to engage crowds, he is the perfect choice for ARK to bring on board.

The primary task of ARK is to connect different blockchain platforms and bring those into its fold to create one massive network. Platform development alone cannot do this. A good marketing strategy, sponsorship and education of the community through a highly skilled individual able to attract people’s attention was the need of the hour, and Mr Epstein fits the bill.

In a world where every cryptocurrency is running its own Blockchain, converting assets from one into another can be a time consuming and hectic work. A unique solution is presented by ARK. It intends to act as a bridge between the immense amount of cryptocurrencies.

It is a currency in itself that has its own Blockchain that acts as an intermediary and eliminates the need to hold or convert multiple cryptocurrencies for use. The technology, dubbed as SmartBridge, is a small code that developers can insert in their respective Blockchain coding. This will allow the code to monitor any incoming and outgoing ARK instructions and execute those within the parent Blockchain.

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