FinTech Platform for Everyone: CoinMetro’s Token Sale is Now Live

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FinTech Platform for Everyone: CoinMetro’s Token Sale is Now Live
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CoinMetro has developed a fintech platform, suitable for everybody, from individuals to investors and enterprises. The ICO is currently running.

Current age is the age of decentralization. The market is overloaded with various crypto coins, bringing about more and more trading platforms and crypto exchanges to continuously appear. From the complex and advanced Bittrex to the small investor oriented P2P LocalBitcoins, each tries its best to offer the most pleasurable experience to its users. But each exchange from time to time faces with inefficiencies, high rates, DDoS attacks and crashes.

Newer and better platforms claim to provide exactly what a customer is looking for – high levels of efficiency and security. But in the race to gather clients, the majority of these platforms holds on to the tunnel vision and, despite being developed for international adoption, is still geared towards a specific clientele.

The development team behind CoinMetro understands the necessity of taking into account not only one or a few selected segments of people, but the public in general. This was the company’s main focus while creating its CoinMetro platform.

The ideology is infused in every piece of work the team has done. Even the graphics on the official website shows a bustling city, analogous to a platform where people from all walks can easily connect for financial services.

The core team of CoinMetro already has a big achievement under its belt in the form of FXPIG. The New Zealand forex trading firm made waves in 2011, when it offered a flexible and transparent investment program fit for the future.

To achieve the vision, the team seeks to integrate traditional financial products available to every user. The company conditionally divides all potential customers into three main categories – individuals; traders and investors; enterprises.

The first group of individuals includes people using cryptocurrency as a means of increasing their income or savings. These type of clients do not heavily invest in cryptos but are keen on being a part of it. Among the services offered for them are: debit cards for instant withdrawals and deposits into their wallets through fiat; obtaining loans and lending cryptos; atomic swaps for one time exchange of one cryptocurrency into another.

Traders and Investors fall into the second group. They are more adept at understanding forex, so for them CoinMetro offers the option of using a fully fledged crypto exchange with a good number of trading pairs. Furthermore, they can enjoy high leverage OTC crypto trading with an astounding 1:50 leverage and use the crypto ETF to diversify their digital investments.

And, finally, the third group, institutions and firms, are mostly focused on raising funds by offering early backers a chance to acquire tokens. For them the company provides a complete token generation event service that include a transparent and secure funding round, as well as instant liquidation through listing the tokens in CoinMetro’s own exchange.

CoinMetro supports multiple coins, but also has its own, native one, simply called the COIN, that is ERC20 compliant. After the successful early generation event, the COIN is now in its main token generation round. With a maximum of 300,000,000 COIN available in this round, the current price has begun at $0.14 = 1 COIN, with the price rising after 50,000,000 successfully acquired by backers. At the end of the event, any COIN not taken by investors will be destroyed so as not to destabilize the value of the tokens.

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