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ARXUM Forms Strategic Partnership with GLASSLINE

September 5th, 2018 at 4:09 pm UTC · 3 min read

ARXUM’s innovative blockchain solutions for manufacturing benefits GLASSLINE in the production of frameless glass architecture. GLASSLINE is developing new process and portal solutions and by integrating ARXUM’s Production Protocol, they can greatly increase customer satisfaction.

GLASSLINE, who is the competence leader in sophisticated frameless glass architecture from Adelsheim, Germany, has partnered with ARXUM’s technology for production. Glassline is looking to combine the usual web portal and web configurator technology with the advantages of the blockchain. That way, GLASSLINE can increase transparency, which leads to a multitude of benefits for customers.

Thomas Utsch, Managing Director of GLASSLINE GmbH stated,

“With our own cutting-edge production, we deliver the highest possible quality Made in Germany. We also rely on innovative technologies in our collaboration with our customers and therefore want to cooperate with ARXUM in the implementation of Blockchain technology in the future.”

Blockchain digitizes the supply chain process and documents it from start to finish, which increases transparency and secures the exchange of information between customers and manufacturers. The ARXUM Production Protocol is a global standard based on the blockchain and it enables a fully digitized connection between customers, manufacturers, and their suppliers down to machine level.

For ARXUM, the collaboration with GLASSLINE means new development opportunities.

Jens Harig, Managing Director of ARXUM Business GmbH, commented,

“By co-operating with GLASSLINE, we gain the possibility to add further industry-specific features to our existing ARXUM Production Protocol.”


ARXUM changes the manufacturing industry by interconnecting manufacturers, suppliers, and customers in one network. The network lets data be transferred effortlessly between the users, enabling customized manufacturing for the same price as mass production – for the first time in history.

In turn, a completely new marketplace is created, where everyone can participate. ARXUM uses blockchain technology and is run by a team of experienced engineers.

The ARXUM Token Sale

Through the token sale period, the public can join and support this paradigm shift in manufacturing. The ARXUM token, AX, are used across the ARXUM Production Network and allow investors to benefit from the use of IoT and blockchain within manufacturing.

ARXUM has submitted a proposal to the financial authorities of Switzerland, FINMA, and is waiting for the final approval to conduct a token sale. There is a total of 125,000,000 AX token. 80% of the tokens are for sale, 16% are for the team and 4% is for the Bounty Campaign. The funds will be used for Industry-specific adaptations to ARXUM’s Production Protocol and for the market penetration and worldwide roll-out.


Jens Harig

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