Australian Fast Food ‘Hero Subs’ Becomes Melbourne’s First to Accept Bitcoin

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by Polina Chernykh · 2 min read
Australian Fast Food ‘Hero Subs’ Becomes Melbourne’s First to Accept Bitcoin
Hero Subs promotes itself as “Spreading Love, the Brooklyn Way” with New York-style gourmet baguette sandwiches. Photo: Hero Subs

Australian fast food shop Hero Subs became the first restaurant that began accepting bitcoin in Melbourne.

Australian fast food shop called Hero Subs, became the first city in Melbourne that started accepting bitcoin. Until 15th of June, the company will offer a 50% discount for the customers who will pay in the digital currency.

Moreover, Hero Subs is in plans to launch new ‘Bitcoin Sub’ service that will be available only to buyers paying with bitcoin. ‘Bitcoin Sub’ will be introduced at all four restaurant’s locations in Melbourne.

Hero Subs collaborated with two payment systems in Australia to expand its new network. The first one is CoinJar, a famous bitcoin start-up in Melbourne. The other one is the digital currency pioneer called DC POS.

DC POS charges 0.5% fee to accept and store payments. The company offers an online terminal interface for mobile phones and other desktop devices. The buyers are able to select one of the four wallets and choose the preferred bitcoin-to-fiat processors. Still, customers can keep their money in the virtual currency.

Besides CoinJar, DC POS also collaborates with Coinbase, Blockchain and BitPay. In general, reaction to the bitcoin acceptance was positive.

Hero Subs is focused on “Spreading Love, the Brooklyn Way” by offering the New York-style gourmet baguette sandwiches. The firmalso intends to attrat more customers in the future. On the fast food shop’s website people can vote for the Bitcoin Sub’s fillings and name.

Among the proposed fillings are the caribbean jerk chicken, toasted almonds, smashed avocado and soft shell crab. The restaurantis going to announce the winner and introduce the new sandwich on Wednesday on the 18th of June.

Melbourne has become the popular destination for bitcoiners from all over the world as the number of local businesses that incorporated bitcoin has increased.

Melbourne is a leader for various digital currency start-ups and projects in Australia. While being a home for DC POS and CoinJar, the city also includes 44 bitcoin and litecoin businesses, which are the highest in Australia and its neighboring regions.

CoinJar is known for its CoinJar Stories blog, which provides information about bitcoin-accepting companies in Australia and other foreign countries.

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