Automated Trading Platform OpenBlock Extends ICO and Improves Advisory Board

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 4 min read

Being a fully automated cryptocurrency trading platform OpenBlock aims to incorporate benefits of Artificial Intellect and OBI into the development of a better blockchain environment for everyone.

From the very beginning of blockchain era, trading in cryptocurrencies has remained a risky endeavor due to a lack of transparency, high volatility and increased complexity of a rapidly growing cryptocurrency landscape. By now, there are more than 1,500 digital coins listed on exchange platforms and acknowledging the fact, that cryptocurrency market remains open 24/7 with little oversight and major price swings, traders have to face the equal chances for both huge losses and huge gains.

The fact does also stand that human trading is obsolete. Although gaining information from the internet seems to be an easy task, individuals often fail to absorb the correct data from the unbiased sources as well as process it efficiently. It is also worth to mention that a thorough analysis of collected data is very time-consuming to be performed on daily basis.

Considering all the mentioned drawbacks, one might give up on the huge potential that crypto market has to offer and keep aside from trading. However, for traders’ sake, Openblock has solved all these issues with an automated trading bot that conceived to solve the nascent problems of human trading while providing consistent profits day in and day out.

The Introduction of Automated Trading Bot

The Openblock trading platform allows users to have their traders mirror the Openblock AI bot named OBI. OBI is an automated trading bot which utilizing AI and advanced algorithms to track trading and participate in the basics of it all, in layman’s terms it buys low and sells high.

OBCs bot has imperative protocols and programming in place to alert and avoid trading swings, which lead to major loses that can be averted by contributors of OBC. There is always a door for improvement and with the OBI bot represents a significant breakthrough of technological process, Openblock is still seeking to better it for blockchain.

OBC is currently developing a hedging fund bot that expected to add additional value to all the changes and construction already accelerating OBC to the top. Hedge funding features an array of data being processed as funds become prioritized in a variety of precise places aiming to help investors stay beyond any risk of loss. For many years, individual investors or corporations have utilized hedge funding in order to cash out without worry, but OBC has come up with a better idea.

OBC provides traders with a bot that can calculate and curate the best possible outcomes and take them without human’s interaction. Hedge funds were seen as a system for more sophisticated members of society to invest capital into any commodity, but that changed when OBC chose community first. Openblock did not even wait until its presale event will be over to start the launch of OBI upgrading that signals invertors a true dedication of developers’ team.

The Extended ICO and Team Improvement

Openblock is extending its borders on all fronts as they welcome new ICO advisers, aculeate more funds and further their revolution in the trading. The ICO has been extended by thirty days to enable lower-ball players time to grab their tokens at a price that is almost gifting. At the press time, OBC token can be bought for USD $0.5 in the first presale round. Openblocks presale round one will end on May 17th, 2018.

The extended ICO is a way Openblocks expresses its support for the community. In the official statement, the project emphasizes its community-driven mission and the intention to give a chance for late adopters who may still be waiting to find out about them. Openblocks also noted that it did not want their ecosystem to be overwhelmed with large investors but rather to become a collective community where many participants get to benefit from their product.

Moreover, Openblocks decided to enrich their advisory board with experienced professionals who are willing to contribute their knowledge and expertise to the success of OBC. The names of advisers being assigned are Moe Levin, Yasin Qureshi, Moe Assad and Ben Bilski.

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