Beam Wallet Version 6.1 Launches on Mainnet

August 26th, 2021 at 9:33 pm UTC · 2 min read

Beam Wallet Version 6.1 Launches on Mainnet

Beam 6.1 Desktop Wallet is a major release and is delivering essential features for Beam Decentralized Applications. After the activation of Beam Smart contracts following a hard fork two months ago, Beam has been hard at work developing its Confidential DeFi ecosystem. 6.1 Desktop wallet is an important milestone on a road towards Beam Confidential DeFi platform.

Users can install and access DAPPs locally compared to accessing them from the web browser. Local DAPPs allow maximum censorship resistance compared to web DAPPs such as Uniswap that still remain vulnerable to censorship. Developers can create permissionless DAPPs and publish them without requiring any authorization from centralized entities.

The Beam Wallet onboarding process has been overhauled, simplifying the experience for new users that want to quickly get into the Beam ecosystem. Users can also receive small amounts of free BEAM directly from the faucet DAPP to interact with the wallet. Beam Wallet version 6.1 will soon follow on the mobile versions (available on iOS & Android) enabling users to send and receive Beam confidential assets.

“Beam’s vision is to create a confidential, compliant, and censorship-resistant blockchain ecosystem that is decentralized, community-governed, and self-sustaining. The 6.1 release is an important step in this direction,” says Alex Romanov, Beam CTO.

About Beam

Beam is a Confidential DeFi Platform bringing privacy to the world of decentralized financial applications.

Beam features innovative Smart Contract architecture running on top of the private-by-default blockchain, native Confidential Assets, opt-in auditability, and easy-to-use wallets for all platforms. Beam aims to provide privacy for DeFi applications, reduce miner extracted value, prevent front running and whale monitoring. To date Beam is listed on over 50 exchanges including Binance and accepted in over 450 stores worldwide, with a vibrant and growing community.

Download Beam Desktop Wallet here. Download Beam on Mobile on Apple Store and Google Play. Learn more about Beam on our website and blog and Github, Telegram.


Amir Aaronson, COO

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