Become a Part of iDos Games Metaverse and Its Community

January 18th, 2022 at 12:22 pm UTC · 4 min read

Become a Part of iDos Games Metaverse and Its Community

iDos Games has opened up new opportunities for players. And just recently introduced a new amazing game to the public.

What Are iDos Games?

iDos Games is a team of indie game developers from Central Asia. They are creating the metaverse of P2E games to give every player the opportunity to play, have fun and earn crypto at the same time. Currently, they released 2 mobile games out of 5:  first p2e multiplayer mobile shooter ShootGun and hypercasual p2e mobile game 2048cube crypto. Their advantages in comparison with other projects: they are free-to-earn games (free2play + play2earn), they are focusing on mobile gaming, they are creating a whole metaverse united by the same governance token (IGT)  and NFTs.


  • You can earn real money by playing games.
  • Games first, crypto later! You don’t have to know a lot about the crypto industry in order to start playing and earning.
  • Mobile games are always with you. At any time, the game will be with you and will be available to you in order to have a great time and earn money doing what you love.



This is the latest of the company’s novelties, which has already attracted a lot of attention. Why is this game special and why should you test it? ShootGun is a multiplayer mobile shooter which works by the Play2Earn model. In game players can earn crypto-tokens fighting in arena battles in various modes. Also, players receive daily rewards for tournaments, battles with a bet, NFT tokens, and their sale on the in-game marketplace.

Game Mods

In ShootGun players fight on arenas in various modes. For that players receive daily rewards in tournaments, battles with a bet, NFT tokens, and their sale on the in-game marketplace.

  • PVP: Fight against your friend or random player all over the world and win his/her IGT.
  • Ranking Matches: Fight with other players to get a higher score and ranking position in a global leaderboard.
  • Tournaments: Participate in global tournaments with your IGT to win the biggest prize in the game.
  • Battle Royale: 30 players, 1 arena, 1 winner, who takes all IGT.
  • Team Deathmatch: Fight in a team of 2 or 3 players against other teams.
  • Training: Play just for fun and upgrade your gaming skills.

Game Features

  • Free to play Mobile gaming: No need to buy any gaming characters, weapons, land, or token. Just download and start playing.
  • Mobile Game: The game is available for all Android mobiles (iOS soon). You can play anywhere and anytime.
  • Game First – Crypto Later: You do not have to create a wallet or connect it to the game at the beginning. First, you play and have fun and earn rewards. Only then do you do crypto learning.

How Do Players Earn?

There are many ways to earn tokens in the game. Just shoot, win, earn & repeat! Here are some of the ways to make money in the game:

  • Daily rewards
  • Tournaments
  • NET sales
  • Passive income
  • Premium pass
  • PVP fights


In-game you can be rewarded with unique NFTs for weapon skins, character appearance, player avatar, and many more. Unique opportunity for players to create their own NFT and sell them on our in-game marketplace. Players can earn IGT by fighting arena battles, winning tournaments, creating NFTs, selling equipment in the in-game marketplace, and many more.

Become a Part of iDos Games Metaverse and Its Community

Moreover, IGT is used as a governance token of iDos Games Metaverse. Our community can participate in a decentralized decision-making process regarding metaverse and the development of its projects using their IGTs to vote.


iDos Games Token (IGT) is a native token for the metaverse of our games. The creator of NFT will have 97.5% (2.5% transaction fee) from the first sale of his NFTs and also 5% from each subsequent resale of his NFT on our in-game marketplace.

Become a Part of iDos Games Metaverse and Its Community

Thus, they create an opportunity not only to play with those weapons and characters that you yourself want but also to make money on the creation of your own piece of art.

Why You Should Choose iDos Games?

You should definitely at least test the games of this company, especially the latest novelty. After all, this is not just a game, but an amazing opportunity to participate in the creation of the metaverse. Also, if you like to play, don’t do it in vain. Play and earn on it. It is also impossible not to notice that the company provides an opportunity to create and create its own amazing objects of information art, and then earn with their help. Test the game and plunge into the game world supplemented with crypto.

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