Befund Opens the Way of the Future for Cryptocurrency Funds with Its BFDChain Solution

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read
Befund Opens the Way of the Future for Cryptocurrency Funds with Its BFDChain Solution
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The Befund team created their platform to expand the crypto trading ecosystem by connecting non-professional crypto enthusiasts with well-managed funds run by talented crypto fund managers.

While mainstream media often focuses on the potential downsides of blockchain technology, early adopters and innovators, who are witnessing an explosion of people interested in crypto-trading, are busy thinking about the future of the sector. The non-profit Befund service platform was created by a group of such forward thinkers, who are eager to develop the tools for tomorrow’s traders and fund managers. Befund’s founders believe that the next trend in the sector will be fund managers who wish to issue their own tokens so that they can administer their products efficiently.

The Befund team has created a decentralized solution built on its BFDChain public sidechain technology that allows professionals to do just that. The developers aim to create an international ecosystem of crypto traders supported by experts who can harness the buying power of large funds. Investors with limited knowledge of the cryptocurrency market will be able to invest in cryptocurrency funds managed by experts, who can invest on their behalf rather than novices having to invest in random cryptocurrency ICOs themselves.

Professional fund managers today are able to draw on a comprehensive network of valuable resources that extend far beyond simple capital. They have worked hard to develop ties to industry experts, access to information, and various technological platforms. Seasoned fund managers have the skills to properly review a company’s white paper with a critical eye, and they understand how various companies stand up to standard peer review processes. However, because the crypto trading sector is so new, they don’t have the tools to deliver their crypto fund insights seamlessly to clients.

Based on blockchain and smart contract technology, the Befund decentralized service platform allows fund managers to effectively handle all aspects of their funds, from set-up to daily portfolio management to clearing assistance. The platform is being built for the fund managers of the future who would like to issue their own crypto tokens. To that end, Befund offers a book building product along with an SaaS tools platform, which includes cryptocurrency wallets, subscription platforms, all meant to support the burgeoning crypto fund management sector.

Befund Director of Overseas Operations, Khalil Lin says:

“The tools available in the market today cannot support cryptocurrency funds in a way that incorporates blockchain technology seamlessly while maintaining the level of performance traditional funds have come to expect as a bare minimum standard. Befund recognizes that the investing community will require a platform that can meet its complex demands at scale. We’ve assembled a strong team of experts, advisors, and industry participants that we believe will have a positive impact on the global financial system. As part of our quest to play a crucial role in expanding the client base for cryptocurrency funds worldwide, our aim is to be the go-to platform for anyone seeking powerful crypto asset management tools.”

Befund’s BFDChain will be powered by the BFDT token, which can be used to access professional services including learning modules and smart contract templates. Major holders of BFDTs may be entitled to participate in exclusive advances fund sales conducted on the platform. A maximum of two billion BFDT will be issued, including the sale of 9% to strategic backers, a 25% placement (including public crowdsale) with whitelisted buyers who passed our KYC procedure, and the distribution of 20% to the Befund team. In all, 500 million BFDT will be available for sale.

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