The Three Best Blockchain-based Games of 2022: Decentraland, StepN, and Moshnake

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The Three Best Blockchain-based Games of 2022: Decentraland, StepN, and Moshnake
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Web3 games are bringing utility to the NFT world. These games merge non-fungible crypto tokens that create immersive experiences for players. If you are looking for exciting web3 games, keep reading this article. You’ll learn about the best options available to you.

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is a metaverse software built on the Ethereum network. Decentraland encourages users with token rewards to experience a virtual world. Users can partake in this virtual world by purchasing virtual land spaces. These land spaces are called LAND, and they are tokenized.

Landowners can customize their spaces to their liking and also interact with other owners. Decentraland has a drag-and-drop builder and a marketplace. These tools allow users to build assets that would be used to decorate their spaces. It also has features that will encourage communication and interactions.

Another token used in the Decentraland world is the MANA token. MANA is used for interactions, customization, and payment. Users can use their MANA token to purchase LAND and customize their avatars. The token is also essential for other in-world payments. Additionally, token holders can also exercise power in the changes and update to the Decentraland software.

StepN (GMT)

StepN is a lifestyle game created on top of the Solana network. StepN combines lifestyle, gamification, and NFTs. The game encourages users to stay healthy. With an NFT sneaker, players can walk, stroll, jog, run and earn tokens.

The Three Best Blockchain-based Games of 2022: Decentraland, StepN, and Moshnake

Only with an NFT sneaker can they maximize the game. There are different kinds of NFT sneakers in this ecosystem. These sneakers come with a daily energy level which determines how much an individual can earn. The team has partnered with many fashion brands to design good sneakers in the ecosystem. Users can purchase these sneakers with $SOL – Solana native coin.

There are two types of crypto tokens on StepN. These tokens are Green Metaverse Token (GMT) and Green Satoshi Token (GST). Every time a player engages in activities with their sneakers, they get to earn GST. This token can be used to purchase new sneakers or level up in the game. The GMT token holders receive special access to the game, such as sneaker name change, profits, etc. Note that only users that have gotten to level 30 can swap their GMT for USDC. Also, GMT is the governance token of the platform.

Moshnake (MSH)

Moshnake is a top web3 game rewarding players for their skills and efforts. The game targets players who love simple designs and concepts. Players on Moshnake need to navigate the Battle Royale Arena with their NFT snakes while searching for rewards.

Moshnake is a decentralized game running on the Binance smartchain. With the aid of blockchain technology, players are ensured of security, ownership of assets, and fast processing. Aside from that, all of the in-game assets are powered by Binance. The crypto tokens are BEP-20 tokens, and the non-fungible tokens are BEP-1155. Yes, the game integrates both crypto tokens and non-fungible tokens. The NFTs are the in-game assets of Moshnake.

The Three Best Blockchain-based Games of 2022: Decentraland, StepN, and Moshnake

The Moshnake game shares a similar concept with the old Snake game. This game was famous for its simple features and its easy design. Like that game, Moshnake involves serpents going after eggs and bonuses in the play arena. However, Moshnake has more features. Moshnake encourages player versus player (PvP) and single-user games. It also places different kinds of rewards in its gaming arena. Players will find rewards like the Moshnake token, surprise crates (filled with venom potion or immutability serum), and eggs.

There are countless ways to earn money with Moshnake. Some of these ways include finding Moshnake tokens in the arena, flipping snakes, hatching eggs into snakes, etc. Why is the Moshnake token valuable?

  • It can be converted to BUSD.
  • It can be staked for passive returns.
  • Users can participate in governance with the token.
  • The token may also increase in price with market demand.

Moshnake not only allows users to play and have fun, but offers numerous ways for them to earn.

For more information on Moshnake, check out the following links: WebsiteTelegramTwitter.

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