Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Loses His Private Life after WhatsApp Talk with Saudi Crown Prince

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Loses His Private Life after WhatsApp Talk with Saudi Crown Prince
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Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, has problems with his privacy. The Guardian publishes shocking data about his smartphone being hacked by presumably Saudi Arabia crown prince.

A year ago Jeff Bezos, one of three richest men on Earth (two others are Bill Gates, Bernard Arnault), had a conversation with Saudi Arabia crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. According to the mysterious sources of the Guardian newspaper, the crown prince sent a malicious file containing a virus to Jeff via WhatsApp.

Billionaire’s smartphone ha no chance to resist the virus, as it was packed inside a usual video file. The tricky conversation happened on May 1, 2019.

The sources claim that during the next couple of hours, the data from Amazon CEO was migrating to hackers. The crown prince wants to bring new reformations to his country, establish international trading, including with the U.S. Now, his plans to lure the investors in under a question.

National Enquirer Published Jeff Bezos Stuff

Nine months after the conversation, British journalists dumped some hot, personal information of the richest man. This has raised questions about the channels used to dump such information because Bezos used many precautions to secure the conversations. Digital forensics experts were examining his phone to trace the roots of a leak resulting in American Media Inc. obtaining the secret texts. Bezos allegedly used his phone for flirting with someone.

Gavin de Becker, who works as Security head in Jeff Bezos’ operational squad, sent the documents to police last March. He said that the inner investigation showed that the phone was hacked and that Saudi Arabia was gaining a ton of private data off from it ”with high confidence”.

The company that owns the National Enquirer, which dumped the private data to the public, has David Pecker as the CEO. Gavin told the cops that Saudi Arabia crown prince has a close relationship with David. This sheds light on the mystery behind the scandalous publications.

Saudi Dissidents Point on the Post’s Anti-Mohammed Publications

Local analysts have said that the crown prince and his ‘inner circle’ were not happy about Post publications about his politic decisions. Bezos is the owner of the Post and sanctioned free coverage of Saudi Arabia’s inner happenings.

Andrew Miller, who was working in the Obama administration, gives his opinion:

“He probably believed that if he got something on Bezos it could shape coverage of Saudi Arabia in the Post. It is clear that the Saudis have no real boundaries or limits in terms of what they are prepared to do to protect and advance.”

With the facts popping up in the mainstream press more often, analysts claim that Saudi’s top officials are responsible for Khashoggi’s murder. The Saudi Arabia Embassy stated via Twitter, claiming that the Kingdom has never planned to hack Mr. Bezos’s phone.

In the hack, Saudis used Israeli elite spyware called Pegasus. They have bought it back in 2018 for $55 million, according to the NYTimes.

Looks like it is only a matter of time before you or your friends could hack any iPhone.

Security Measures You Can Take for Protection

If you need some hardcore security, use ProtonMail (both participants of the conversation should use the service for the letter to remain encrypted). Also, a very good option is using XMPP chats with OTR encryption. Such chats are popular among Darknet traders dealing with huge amounts of drugs, weapons, fake bank cards and IDs, etc. The best security communication tool, as always, is GPG/PGP e-mail messaging. Pick yours!

All the mainstream messengers are not private. Including the services like Telegram, Signal, SecureDrop, Dropbox, and even the SSL protocol itself. The big secret of companies selling domains and SSL certificates is that MITM attack is possible. You need a sufficient amount of time to put into hacking the connection.

You are not 100% safe with paid VPN plans either. VPN may even spy on you and you will pay them for doing so. When you access the Web, when you write letters, attend sites, lurk into the forums, using TOR or not, keep in mind that someone is storing the activity. It lies in pieces on different kinds of devices and in different kinds of forms, across the planet.

Even the richest cannot protect their privacy. Your average Telegram, Theema, Signal, or any other private app is worthless in case the risk is too high. The only possible solution to keeping secrets of Bezos is if he will start doing like Stephen King. The famous horror fiction writer had no mobile phone at the time of writing the Cell (2006), and thanks to God, most of his dark secrets will forever remain in shadows.

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