Billionaire Mark Cuban Launches NFT Project to Invite Digital Arts and Collectibles 

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Billionaire Mark Cuban Launches NFT Project to Invite Digital Arts and Collectibles 
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The whole idea is to provide a lazy or easy way for people to go about their NFTs.

The billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban has announced the release of his new project to provide a good meeting point for NFTs and Digital Arts. This project is still in the beta stage and has shown a great response with so many visitors trooping in during the early stage. Lazy.com is the name of the project, and according to Cuban, it is a gallery for artworks and this is said to be a very good initiative as so many brands have joined the NFT trend.

It is worth noting that the Lazy.com project will not only allow users to display their digital artworks and collectibles but also, a chance to share their work on social media. Cuban disclosed that his project was motivated by his search to showcase his NFTs in a simple way, show them in his Social bios, or any other platform that supports URL. He admitted that it is not easy to come out with this as people are always looking around to know what others are collecting.

Cuban explained that the NFT market is enjoying a very good ride. The future has a lot in store for the market with special interest fixed on the possible competition in terms of Mindshare and Dollars. 

Cuban revealed an interesting reason behind the project, Lazy.com. The whole idea is to provide a lazy or easy way for people to go about their NFTs. “People bought NFTs, they created them, they need a lazy way to show them off, ” he said. 

The Lazy.com platform is easy to use from start to finish. Users just need their email address and MetaMask wallet to sign up. Once they can generate their unique URL, NFT collections can be shared through emails, texts, and on various social platforms. The wallet address of users is strictly private and kept away from the public. 

Cory Van Lew, an artist speaking about some aspects of the NFT explained that the most powerful tool and energy of the world are when several people come together for a common goal. He stated that the world is seeing the magnetism of being on the same frequency. 

It is worth noting that the NFT craze has seen artists getting so much value for their works with some getting millions and tens of millions. Beeple is a good reference to this as he just made about $69.4 million from his 5000-day collection. 

The NFT has received a massive boost from several big brands within the music, art, or even the food industry. A typical example is Nike Inc (NYSE: NKE). Before the introduction of the Lazy.com project, there was no simple way to showcase NFTs, though there are several places where users can create and mint their arts.

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