Binance’s Trust Wallet Now Integrated with Binance DEX Through New WalletConnect Feature

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Binance’s Trust Wallet Now Integrated with Binance DEX Through New WalletConnect Feature
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Trust Wallet adds WalletConnect to their application. This technology connects desktop DApps and mobile wallets that provides users with easy and fast access to their mobile wallet.

On 3 May 2019 Binance officially announced their new technology added to the Trust Wallet called WalletConnect. It provides users with fast and easy connection to their mobile wallet with a high level of security. Moreover, it allows them to use different decentralized applications (DApps) with the help of end-to-end encryption. The CEO and Trust Wallet Founder, Viktor Radchenko declared:

“WalletConnect enables a much easier and more secure user experience across all blockchain and brings us one step closer to our core mission goal: to make crypto more accessible. This technology is opening up a whole world of DApps that were once only available to Desktop users”

Pedro Gomes, Creator of WalletConnect, noticed:

“Excited to see Trust Wallet supporting WalletConnect, bringing the future of the mobile experience on Ethereum to all of its users. We look forward to see this new user experience across the top decentralized applications on Ethereum and other blockchains.”

What is Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is an official mobile wallet application created by Binance. The main feature is its total decentralization. It provides users with an easy mobile application that helps to manage tokens, coins and at the same time, it controls all the private keys. Trust Wallet is a multicurrency wallet that also has a function to make backup of all the actives that simplifies the recovery process.

Trust Wallet can be installed on Android and iOS. It is free to download from Google Play or Apple’s App Store. It supports all Etherium ERC20 and ERC223 tokens. Therefore, it is possible to store a great variety of currencies there, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, XRP and many others.

How to Use WalletConnect

WalletConnect is a protocol that helps to connect desktop DApps and mobile wallets. It works through end-to-end encryption scanning a QR code. The connection process is rather easy. It is necessary to open an option “unlock wallets”, then select “wallet connect”.

In the mobile app you should choose an option “WalletConnect”, after that scan the QR code, approve it and, finally, you are connected to your wallet address. WalletConnect allows users to interact with any DApps without any security threat to their private keys. It also gives an opportunity to manage all the transaction requests from mobile devices.

In conclusion, it should be said that the creation of Wallet Connect is a big step for Trust Wallet in achieving their goal to make a multi-asset wallet, easy and accessible for its users.

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