Birdchain Wants to Monetize Your Unused SMS, Launches ICO

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Birdchain Wants to Monetize Your Unused SMS, Launches ICO
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A new blockchain adaptation will allow regular mobile customers passive earnings from selling the unused SMS. The Birdchain app will sell unused customers’ SMS to businesses.

Currently, there are many problems that can be corrected using a blockchain, one of which is the SMS marketing industry. SMS marketing is widely regarded as a fast and safe marketing strategy.

The industry developed and became increasingly monopolized, which meant that only a few corporations shared its advantages. It can be seen in prices of the A2P(Application to Person) SMS which have risen greatly.

At the moment, SMS marketing is beneficial for large companies that can afford it. Small businesses are forced to abandon SMS marketing or to abandon other forms of marketing in favor of SMS. Birdchain helps all market players to get access to SMS marketing.

It is an instant messaging application that automatically sells unused SMS messages to businesses.  It offers a great delivery speed at a fair, transparent, and affordable price to businesses all over the world. These remarkable results can be achieved by employing mobile phones owned by regular people.

The principle of the application is that, at the moment, more and more people are switching to messengers and their SMS remains unused. Users have the opportunity to sell unused SMS quota to businesses, and receive payment for every SMS message sent from their phone.

This process can help a user to earn about $ 300 every month for doing nothing. Birdchain app is not only a tool which provides passive income (although, this feature alone is quite impressive).

It will also be a useful and no-nonsense instant messaging app. So, while users will be chatting with their friends and relatives, Birdchain app is going to earn some money for them.

Audrius Vrubliauskas, the CEO of Birdchain, said:

“People do not send SMS anymore, as it’s more convenient for everybody to simply use instant messaging apps. We are developing a solution, which will be useful for everyone as people will get an opportunity to profit from selling something they actually don’t use, and the same time businesses pay top dollar for every single SMS message. Thus, people get an opportunity to put their unused SMS to good use, and businesses will get better service and significantly reduced costs.”

Birdchain ICO started on November 18, 2017 and will last until December 31, 2017. It will be aimed at attracting $25.8 million dollars by selling 4.6  billion BIRD Tokens. Companies that want to send SMS via the Birdchain platform will have to buy BIRD tokens via the exchange office or directly from the Birdchain website.

All transactions will be made using BIRDs. Although at first glance the amount they are trying to raise is staggering, let’s keep in mind that this is a startup, which at best will become profitable in three years. Birdchain also plans to distribute BIRD tokens worth $13.8 million to large companies to bring them to the platform.

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