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Bitbon System Makes Your Investments Smart and Secure

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read
Bitbon System Makes Your Investments Smart and Secure
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Simcord LLC-developed project is creating a global infrastructure platform for all types of operations with both digital and real assets.

The global economy is moving towards a new digital era, where blockchain technology will play a vital role. However, nowadays, an overwhelming majority of blockchain projects operate outside the legal framework. They lack the fundamental infrastructure components that are necessary to provide transparency, legal status and investment protection, which creates risks of scams, regulatory crackdowns and even business liquidation.

Simcord LLC. Technologies, a company with an extensive background in IT solutions development, has created the Bitbon System in an effort to solve the burning issues of the nascent blockchain industry and facilitate its integration into the real economy. Simcord operates in compliance with international management standards and performs complete audit of the projects launched on the platform.

The Bitbon System is a large-scale infrastructure project intended to provide sophisticated solutions for Contributing — an innovative type of fundraising, investing and asset management that combines the best features of blockchain tools and infrastructure components.

Contributing is the cornerstone of the Bitbon System economic model. It is based on an entirely new approach to asset management as every project available for crowd investment within the platform undergoes an in-depth audit for business model viability. It makes the whole process of crowdfunding transparent and secure as the System reduces regulatory risk by functioning within the legal framework.

Basically, all the Participants can rely on two layers of protection from fraud and default as the contractual information is stored in immutable smart contracts, while all disputes can be settled via traditional legal proceedings.

The Bitbon System is a multi-purpose, versatile solution that will suit the needs of financial and legal industries by providing handy tools for business management and asset rights control. Built on smart-contract technology, it will facilitate the process of property rights transfer, making it safe, reliable and immutable.

Bitbon System Crowdsale Details

The project has successfully finished the pre-sale and reached $50 million soft cap. The final public crowdsale stage is already live and will run until October 10, or until the hard cap of $400 million is reached, whichever happens first.

To show its confidence in the prospects of the Bitbon System, the Company has issued a special option agreement under a Golden Price promotion. It gives holders the right to sell Bitbons back to the Company at the exchange rate of 1 Bitbon = $100. Thus, the clients will receive a guaranteed return on their investments in the amount of 320% per annum. Apart from that, Simcord LLC offers an option premium of 3% from the number of purchased Bitbons.

There are only 70 million Bitbons available for sale. The current Bitbon/USD exchange rate is $6. Its further stable growth is predicted. The team accepts payments both in crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and in fiat money via Visa/MasterCard, wire transfer, and electronic payment systems.

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