BitCherry Announce Their Strategic Collaboration Achievement with SCC and WTIA on Building a $42 Billion Smart City

Place/Date: Indonesia - August 5th, 2019 at 2:57 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: BitCherry, Source: BitCherry

The concept of “City” has evolved over thousands of years. From the era of community trading through concentrated population, it eventually evolved into a geospatial space that is surrounded by core elements such as people, environment, and information. With the advent of the digital transformation era, blockchain technology is driving the change of the relations of production, playing the role of “data manager” in this smart city.

Regardless of the presented scenario, blockchain technology will stays as an indispensable sector and will become an increasingly important infrastructure technology just like internet, finance, and communication technology.

On 30th July 2019, BitCherry announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with SCC and WTIA in Indonesia. The signing of this strategic cooperation marks an in-depth cooperation between these three parties in project incubation, technology research and development, and promotion activities. As well as an intense cooperation in several key areas such as the promotion of smart city and blockchain development.

Bitcherry, SCC, and WTIA will work together to build a $42 billion worth integrated smart city projects – “Tunisia Economic City”. “Tunisia Economic City” is a new major economic city located in the east coast of the country of Tunisia. As it is a project under the strategic collaboration of BitCherry, SCC, and WTIA alliances, the development and design of “Tunisia Economic City” have progress smoothly as planned.

As we can see from the members of the architecture strategic cooperation, SCC specialized in smart urban development, the use of advanced technology to provide high quality service for sustainable urban development. Meanwhile, WTIA provide advisory and capital market solutions for large blockchain projects.

As for BitCherry, the world’s first distributed e-commerce, it is more focused towards the creation of a convenient, secure, and efficient blockchain distributed commercial infrastructure network. In a smart city complex, BitCherry distributed e-commerce will fully cover the living lifestyle in the city. The ecological census of BCHC will also be used in the future for all payment scenarios in the urban ecology to meet the payment needs of people in the complex.

During the signing of cooperation agreement, the Founder and CEO of BitCherry, Paul said:

“Blockchain as the core of smart cities, is characterized by efficient data recording, creatively connecting users, data, and algorithms to form a closed loop of data circulation, multi-scenario applications, and privacy protection. BitCherry future will be applied to create a distributed block chain infrastructure platform for global smart city. Through user’s personal authorization, the data available on platform will then be subjected to legal protection and can’t be tampered with. Here, the use of data can give a reasonable return towards the user through BCHC token in BitCherry economy model. This will then promote the circulation and trading of user data in the future. Currently, the BitCherry distributed e-commerce public chain project has officially launched their project development. When BitCherry distributed ecology can be applied to more practical offline payment scenarios, optimization of smart city will continue to improve the experience and wisdom on creating more applications.”

BitCherry distributed network will enable users of data assets to make the data more valuable and reward the value back to them. This will change the existing economic and ecological model, drive business model and development of economic ecology.

In the future, BitCherry will work with more leading technology companies to achieve cooperation, contribute to a breakthrough in block chain technology, and accelerate the emerging countries as the next generation of smart city projects and application development platform strategy to achieve the vision of building eco-friendly city.