BitCherry Distributed Ecological Fund was Established,$ 10 Million Boost Ecological Development

Place/Date: - March 26th, 2021 at 11:04 am UTC · 3 min read
Contact: BitCherry, Source: BitCherry

The global awareness of the blockchain industry has increased, and the technology has entered a rapid development period. However, there are still many industry bottlenecks in the application and development of blockchain technology in various industries. Issues such as low performance, expensive resources, restricted applications on the chain, and limited development space have restricted the integration and development of the blockchain industry and physical commerce. With the BitCherry blockchain network’s maturity, BitCherry generates new technology to complement the current lack of commercial blockchain underlying architecture and provides high performance, top security for the global commercial availability of the underlying technical support and solutions.

March 26, 2021, BitCherry announced the formal establishment of “BitCherry distributed ecological fund”, which aims to train more valuable, blockchain business applications to improve BitCherry distributed business ecosystem. BitCherry distributed ecological fund invested 10 million US dollars in developing the ecological chain applications, competition, incubation and investment, providing multi-faceted financial, technical and operational promotion for the developers on the ecological support.

BitCherry Distributed Ecological Fund was Established,$ 10 Million Boost Ecological Development

Benefits of Joining BitCherry Distributed Business Ecosystem

On the technical side, BitCherry block-based chain framework IPv8 underlying technology helped developers to create and customize their own complete blockchain, enabling developers from the complexities of the underlying technology, thus only need to focus on their own business logic, BitCherry distributed ecological fund also selected for quality projects/teams to provide financial support, technical support for the full range of support, fund, strategy development, resources, docking, team culture and so on. Including:

  • Financial Support: set up a special incubation fund to provide start-up capital for high-quality entrepreneurial projects, and then carry out financing matching;
  • Technical Guidance: help the blockchain entrepreneurial team to organize the technical roadmap, help on-chain projects and one-click migration of DApp, etc.;
  • Resources Support: large-scale projects BitCherry business ecosystem league stops, comprehensive application acceleration and floor incubator project;
  • Operation/Strategic Consulting: The senior operation team in the blockchain field shares experience in strategic operations, team building, business and legal consulting;
  • Establish a Content Matrix: Establish a global content matrix to help entrepreneurial teams carry out brand promotion, attract users and build a global community.

BitCherry distributed ecological fund is welcome all outstanding / blockchain project to join our blockchain network. You can be:

  • Which has a complete blockchain project plan, looking for the right technology in ecology, team or individual teams or financial support;
  • Uses the BitCherry blockchain network to develop the project (Team or Individual);
  • Project on Ethereum network or other blockchain networks have confidence in BitCherry ecological (Team or Individual);
  • Those projects which develop on the BitCherry blockchain network will get priority incubation.

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