BitCherry – The Road of Building a Distributed Commerce City

Place/Date: - October 22nd, 2019 at 8:55 am UTC · 3 min read
Contact: BitCherry, Source: BitCherry

BitCherry – The Road of Building a Distributed Commerce City

On 28th October 2019, the project of distributed e-commerce public chain will be unfolding through the global activity on “Urban Empowerment – Creating a City of Distributed Commerce”. This is one of the major activities that BitCherry has been a part of since the signing of strategic cooperation agreement with the National Youth of the Congo (DRC).

During this activity BitCherry project team will travel to more cities such as San Francisco, Malta, Singapore, Moscow, Russia, South Korea, Hong Kong,China, and more other cities to promote the topic of “Urban Empowerment – Creating a City of Distributed Commerce”. The content of the activity is separated into three big categories which is “Commerce, product, and technology”.

Each of this will surround the newest technology development, interactive demonstration, business ecology, strategic planning as well as the other stages of BitCherry. In a hope to conduct a full range of showcases towards the audience. The activity is expected to cover 3000+ investment institutions worldwide, 1800+ industry elites, 35000+ spectators, and more than 480+ mainstream media that will conduct comprehensive follow-up reports.

At present, many countries are trying to find economic breakthroughs. Both developed and developing countries are actively exploring emerging economies. The distributed economy is being valued by more and more countries because of its new economic concept and development potential, as well as the advantages of new information technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data.

Using distributed technology as the core, BitCherry with a forward-looking strategic vision and international perspective of globalization and strategic layout has been successful in many countries in Asia and Africa.

The start of the global activity in this time around are marking the approaches of BitCherry on using the distributed technology on empowering the urban economic system for creating a complete ecosystem of smart cities and accelerate the layout of global market strategies.

BitCherry founder and CEO Paul pointed out:

“The distributed economy is a new economic system evolved after the birth of distributed technology. The difference between it and the traditional economic system is that the construction form of the value network is completely different. The value form of the distributed economy can be applied to the diversified field and use the advantages of its ecological community to reshape the business economic system.

Meanwhile, BitCherry as the pioneer in the internal technology will rely on its own blockchain distributed technology on improving the urban distributed economic system, enabling and reshaping the new economy ecology. After leading the distributed revolution in the commercial field, we will continue to enhance the soft power and influence in the industry and will provide commercial support for more fields.”

The development of blockchain technology has entered a new stage, and the distributed economy has gradually become the main driving force for the blockchain to transform the traditional economy. In the future, BitCherry will rely on efficient, safe and transparent technical characteristics, depending on the economic characteristics of the city, to build multi-business economic and ecological applied to globalization.