Bitclave Launches Active Search Ecosystem To Сonnect Businesses And Its Consumers

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Bitclave Launches Active Search Ecosystem To Сonnect Businesses And Its Consumers
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Blockchain startup Bitclave launches “Bitclave Active Search Ecosystem” (BASE) comprising advertising application, new search ecosystem and trustworthy cybersecurity platform.

Today online retailers spend billions of dollars in order to reach customers using online advertising campaigns. These, for the most part, tend to be cost-ineffective, as they waste money on targeting people outside of the advertisers’ target group, costing millions of dollars in the process.

Blockchain startup BitClave proposes a solution launching the “Bitclave Active Search Ecosystem” (BASE) – a decentralized ecosystem directly connecting consumers and businesses, which will result in advertisers and online consumers receiving value from every relevant search query in the BASE ecosystem.

In general, the new Ecosystem has the following advantages:

  • BitClave’s BASE reduces the cost of online interactions between the Internet users and online advertisers by eliminating the middlemen using cryptography and activity ledgers to create smart contracts;
  • Using the BASE application, a user can profit off of every search result in which his demographic information meets the ideal customer profile that the online advertiser is willing to pay for;
  • Users’ data is securely stored on the unhackable blockchain;
  • Softens the increasingly competitive eCommerce landscape dominated by companies such as Amazon and Alibaba.

How this actually works ?

BASE ecosystem credits each relevant search query a certain amount of its custom currency – Consumer Activity Tokens (CAT) from the online advertiser, which the customer can then use to pay for online or in-store merchandise everywhere the CAT currency is accepted.

BitClave’s open source BASE has the potential of enabling customers to not only get rewarded from searching for relevant products, but also enabling advertisers to avoid wasting money on ads that reach irrelevant audiences, not identified as target ones.

The Base also has the potential to cut costs through optimizing the volume of advertising by using less but more relevant ads, to increase revenue and establish greater customer loyalty, and thus to reduce the tension felt by retailers, caused by the extremely competitive eCommerce landscape dominated by companies such as Amazon or Alibaba.”

BASE’s security

Nowadays, the problem of potential data breaches is becoming more and more acute. Each new cyberattack undermines customers’ loyalty, tarnishes a brand and causes a lot of discomfort for millions of users due to exposure of their private data. Each new breach makes internet users realize the increasing need to safeguard their personal data.

Bitclave’s all-star team of security experts headed by the former Chief Security Officer of LG Electronics seeks to protect Ecosystem’s users by safeguarding their data on a nonhackable blockchain infrastructure that allows users to opt-in and select organizations to open the access to their data.

BASE allows customers to conduct searches on an alternative search engine and simultaneously recognize and benefit from each and every party that their data is being sold to individually, instead of allowing millions of internet brands to pay Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google for access to their personal information.

Future of “Bitclave Active Search Ecosystem”

BitClave is about to expand its Ecosystem by engaging with large online retailers and trusted businesses, as well as strives to hit one million searches per month in the coming months.

As late as on July 25th, BitClave will open up the BASE to Internet users and trusted business partners alike by offering access to Consumer Activity Tokens and an opportunity to join the BASE.

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