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After Raising $22M in a Pre-Sale, Decentralized Search Engine BitClave is Ready for Its Nov 29 Crowdsale

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by Bhushan Akolkar · 3 min read
After Raising $22M in a Pre-Sale, Decentralized Search Engine BitClave is Ready for Its Nov 29 Crowdsale
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Blockchain startup BitClave who is working to disrupt the traditional ad tech advertising industry through its decentralized search ecosystem, it going for a final crowdsale of its CAT tokens on Nov 29.

BitClave has set the launch date for the commencement of its final crowdsale of its Consumer Activity Token (CAT), starting November 29, 2017. BitClave is a blockchain startup that aims at creating a completely decentralized online search ecosystem which makes searching for online items a more engaging and rewarding for consumers. This platform aims at transforming the way companies use data to create ads for its potential customers.

So far, BitClave has received a good response and has managed to raise $22 million in their private and public pre-sale token event. After this successful event and impressive pre-sale result, the startup is planning for a final crowdsale and is expecting a token sale to reach $25.5 million.

Led by former LG Electronics CSO Alex Bessonov, BitClave is a software startup using the latest blockchain technology in order to bridge the gap between businesses and consumers and eliminate the service middlemen.

BitClave’s decentralized search engine, known as BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE), will help users on its platform to find things they are looking for and also get compensated by CAT tokens each time any online business uses their data to target them.

Thus, users will get control over the ads being shown to them. This will make third-party advertising networks absolutely irrelevant and businesses will then use the data to build unique customized ads as per individual customer’s preferences. 

The BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE) is a unique search engine where users can search for their information and then select the relevant advertisements. For each ad that users engage with, they will be rewarded with CAT tokens.

This gives power to the hands of customers to control their own data and choose whether to give their personal identity and information to retailers. Currently, several social media platforms and search engines record your online activities and data and then sell it to advertising companies to build ads. This leaves the consumer with no control over their data and as result get bombarded by irrelevant and annoying ads.

Alex Bessonov who is quite positive for the upcoming crowdsale said “The presale result was extremely encouraging, and we’re grateful to our community and everyone who made it such a great success. Now we’re focusing on ensuring a successful crowdsale, and building a platform which will transform the way online search works by putting the user’s privacy and autonomy first.”

BitClave is also collaborating with several partners associated with the blockchain technology. The startup is having a partnership with the famous Carnegie Mellon University and is sponsoring a practicum project for graduate students in the College of Engineering’s Information Networking Institute (INI). The practicum project unites students with research, corporate and government sponsors which are working on pathbreaking ideas especially on mobile and computing systems for ad tech and software development.

BitClave is built on the top of a hybrid blockchain application platform – Qtum. The core technology behind Qtum the benefits of Bitcoin cores, with Proof of stake Consensus and an Account Abstraction Layer allowing for multiple Virtual Machines including the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Qtum’s hybrid nature allows for applications to be compatible across multiple blockchains ecosystems while combining their best features like such combining the simplicity and power of Bitcoin protocol and the flexibility of Ethereum Smart Contracts.

While working on such interesting projects and having a great motive of allowing users to have control over their data, BitClave could be setting up a new glorious path in the blockchain revolution.

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