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Bitcoin ATM Project Token Pre-Sale Now Open

October 24th, 2017 at 6:37 pm UTC · 6 min read

CryptoCoins (CCO) are a revenue sharing token allowing investors to receive quarterly payments in the form of dividends collected from Bitcoin ATM transaction fees. The Pre-Sale is now open, until November 1 at 06:00 UTC – during which customers can get a bonus 33% tokens.

The project began with support and input from the Bitcoin community gathering collective feedback to build a “perfect” token design.

Mark Caton, CEO and Co-Founder of the Bitcoin ATM Project – says that CryptoCoins are the perfect token sale because they represent a real, working product (Bitcoin ATMs) with tried & true profitability (most ATMs currently generate more than $100,000 a month in revenue) and the more funding raised allows the company to initially purchase more ATMs.

The Project’s Founders, Mark Caton and Madison Kolarik, currently own a warehouse property they plan to convert into a full-service Bitcoin ATM production center – one location where the ATMs will initially be programmed with support for additional cryptocurrencies (Lite Coin and Dogecoin have already been added, and they plan to add Ether, Ripple, DASH, and Monero among others as part of the initial and on-going design). Investors will be allowed to vote in polls and participate in company board meetings online to give their feedback on which altcoins should be added next as well as decide on future ATM locations.

The goal is to provide accessibility to Bitcoin ATMs to everyone across the United States by placing them in enough locations that they are reasonably close enough for anyone to access and use. Currently there is a large need for these ATMs in the U.S. – 13 states don’t have any machines, and at least 10 other states only have a small handful. The Project plans on targeting these areas first, the highest populated areas furthest away from any current machines, and then they plan on taking over the market in every other area by having the lowest competitive fees.

The initial coin offering will allow the Bitcoin ATM Project to raise funds to initially purchase anywhere from 200 to over 1,000 machines – their current facility is large enough to process and distribute the ATMs as quickly as they can be received from the manufacturer. Their team is currently made up of experienced programmers, graphic designers and engineers with backgrounds and education in finance, business, and marketing. Project funding would allow them to hire the additional staff needed to quickly implement the ATMs nationwide, and the company’s Customer Service and Development offices will be centered from the same location.

Having Bitcoin ATMs in every city and neighborhood across the country would revolutionize the economy of today.

How could things change if everyone had a cryptoATM nearby? Entirely new demographics would become aware of the existence of Bitcoin and other digital currencies and begin using them. The convenience of being able to buy and sell Bitcoin instantly for cash would give many the incentive to use these ATMs as a an alternative to traditional bank accounts. Many people in the United States today are unable to obtain a regular bank account because of bad credit, or they don’t have proper identification. People who lack technical expertise would begin using Bitcoin, because of the ease of making transactions through an easy to understand, touch-screen interface. Money could be sent across the country from one person to another, without paying heavy fees. Families could give Bitcoin as gifts to their children, teaching them about investments and the world of cryptocurrency.

The potential uses and benefits to society by making Bitcoin mainstream and easy to use are endless. 

As a side project and initial perk for investors, for a small minimum contribution a new crypto-payments debit card сan be purchased through the Token Sale. Having this card allows users to receive a lifetime 50% discount on future ATM transaction fees. The company plans on developing a platform for this debit card making it into a decentralized payments method operating outside traditional card networks such as Visa and MasterCard. The card will function similar to a paper wallet or collection of private keys, allowing users to store and carry access to multiple cryptocurrency wallets in one place without the need for remembering lengthy passwords – card usage will be protected by PIN and 2FA. The debit card platform will be integrated into the Bitcoin ATMs allowing holders to use it for ATM transactions, as well as making payments for goods and services at supporting physical merchants and retailers.

CryptoCoin holders will be rewarded for their investment by the collection of ATM and debit card usage fees (1% of transaction volume) in a portfolio called an Asset Contract. Fees will be collected out of whatever cryptocurrency is used in each transaction, building a diverse portfolio of various digital currencies. The contents of this portfolio will be paid out to holders each quarter (four times a year) based on the amount of CryptoCoins they own. As the company expands their network of cryptoATMs, investors can expect greater returns. The company plans to expand until there are over 3,000 ATMs – allowing for at least one in every county and county-equivalent across the continental United States. The prospects of future gains will also ensure that CryptoCoins themselves are highly valuable – as they will be in high demand.

For a review of the ICO, check out a Youtube video-report by CryptoChaperone.

The Bitcoin ATM Project’s CCO tokens are your gateway to the lucrative world of cryptocurrency investing that is an affordable, profitable, and hassle-free way to build up a diverse portfolio of the world’s most popular and valuable cryptocurrencies used by investors nationwide.

Join Now! The CCO Token Pre-Sale began on October 22 and lasts until November 1, 2017 with 33% Bonus Tokens during the Pre-Sale. Payments are accepted in a variety of cryptocurrencies including Ether and Bitcoin among several others as well as fiat methods credit/debit card and ACH bank transfer. The first and highest paying customers throughout the entire sale will receive an Elite debit card upgrade with a unique design, the words Founding Member, and special features such as a 100% discount on ATM fees, and double cash-back. The highest-paying customer will receive the Founding Member #001 Card, along with bonus CryptoCoins and other special features.

Make sure to check out the Bitcoin ATM Project Website and Whitepaper for further details.
You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook, or check out their blog on Medium for more information.


Mark Caton

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Disclaimer: The CryptoCoin Token Sale is fully SEC compliant, meeting the exemption requirements in Regulation A and Rules 505 & 506 of Regulation D (17 CFR § 230.501 et seq.). Form D will be filed at the start of the ICO period, and can be checked by accessing the SEC EDGAR database.