Bitcoin Black Friday 2014 Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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Bitcoin Black Friday 2014 Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Not every Black Friday deal will require cash, credit card or even Apple Pay. If you’re part of the Bitcoin World, you can snag some great deals from this guide.

Update: You can see the results of the Bitcoin Black Friday 2014 here.

According to the event’s official website, Bitcoin Black Friday is a holiday shopping extravaganza just for Bitcoin users. Beginning on the 26th, through Black Friday on the 28th, and until Cyber Monday, hundreds of traders selling everything from web hosting to organic beer will offer special deals to anyone paying in Bitcoin.

Last year Bitcoin Black Friday was the “most popular day in the history of Bitcoin commerce.” BitPay broke records, the website brought in 100,000 unique visitors.

However, expectations are high for 2014. The official Bitcoin Black Friday made its debut a couple years ago.

They say that an alliance of 1,200 traders will be participating, which is twice as many as last year and 24 times more than the year before. More than 500 traders have officially confirmed to offer deals on the event’s website this year so far.

“We’re really excited for this year’s event because it has all the opportunity to be much bigger than last year’s event” said Jon Holmquist, the founder of Bitcoin Friday, ”Even though the Bitcoin prices might be lower than last year, the quantity and caliber of merchants participating this year has improved greatly. Consumers should be able to do most, if not all, of their holiday shopping with Bitcoin this year.” has already launched a preview of the items for sale. Multiple traders: big and small, international and local, which are eager to offer discounts for Bitcoin users.

According to Holmquist, Bitcoin Friday has special things planned for this year: “We have two things planned. First is the ability to instantly purchase Bitcoin with your credit card: a small amount, like US$25 worth. For most people, that’s not too much of a risk. And we’re also going to have a section [of the site] where you can purchase something for a small amount of money.”

Amazon has already started their “Black Friday” sales several days ago. Even though Amazon does not accept digital currency, using bitcoin for these purchases can drop an additional 10 to 25% off for some of the best prices on the Internet. Since Amazon is the biggest online retailer, using bitcoin for purchases might make them consider that bitcoin should be used for purchases.

So one should make account, preferably Amazon Prime since it offers free shipping for all items marked as “prime”. This lets the transaction complete much quicker for all parties. If one is a US resident, an account with will allow transferring money from regular bank account to and having it converted to bitcoin instantly free of charge. Other bitcoin exchanges such as Coinbase may charge a 1% fee for the purchase and it may take a few days depending on account options.

An account on or bitcoin escrow/broker service will make arrangements to sell bitcoin at a profit that is exchanged for the purchase. Besides, has the advantage of using Multisig wallets.

SurfEasy lets digital currency users protect their privacy for less with its no-log VPN service, available on Friday for 50% off.

SchiffGold, a company that is dedicated to helping turn paper into gold, is listing 1-Oz silver bars for only 79 cents over spot, in addition to offering free shipping for their bitcoin customers and  lowering their minimum order.

Amagi Metals will provide free shipping on domestic bitcoin orders of $75 or more with code BBF2014. is listing deals for up to 75% off for bitcoin shoppers.

Black Country Rock Media will offer 50% off of five different vinyl records as well bitcoin-exclusive mixtape sales when purchased with digital currency.

The electronics giant Newegg began accepting bitcoin this year. It has announced that it will be participating in its first Bitcoin Black Friday.

Soundwallet, which lets bitcoin users record their private keys on vinyl, will offer 25% off of its unique storage solution for shoppers using the code BITCOIN.

Namecheap will offer up to 20% bonus on bitcoin deposits.

Gyft, which offers the easiest way to buy and balance check gift cards, will be listing deals for gift card buyers.

Silver Gold Bull will take 1% off of the price all products and maintaining free shipping for orders over $250 for bitcoin shoppers.

Beepi will offer 10% discounts to digital currency shoppers using its online car purchasing service. will be selling hotel packages and select Bitcoin Bowl ticket at a discounted rate of 25% off.

Fangamer will compensate bitcoin purchases of its gaming-themed apparel and merchandise with gift cards of up to $50 as well as free or discounted shipping.

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