Bitcoin dot com Wallet Records Historic Milestone of 1M Downloads

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Bitcoin dot com Wallet Records Historic Milestone of 1M Downloads
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Over one million users have downloaded wallet software from Bitcoin dot com, with the landmark number reached in little over five months since they were introduced in August 2017.

The St. Kitts and Nevis-based wallet provider announced the milestone this week. According to Bitcoin dot com, the recently added functionality of Bitcoin Cash by its developers spurred the use of its wallet software, with the number of downloads spiking after its much-anticipated implementation.

Meeting Market Demands

Aided by the boom in cryptocurrency market capitalization and a buzzing interest from newcomers eager to own their first blockchain-based assets, Bitcoin dot com’s wallet growth has witnessed exponential gains. This is an encouraging development for a tech company dedicated to building itself as a leading solution for mainstream digital asset requirements.

The popularity of Bitcoin dot com’s multi-crypto wallet owes to its stable support to two staple cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Available for use across a wide range of operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux, the wallet client can also be used as a Google Chrome extension and available for smartphones with Android and iOS support.

Bitcoin dot com wallet users are the only ones with access to their own private keys, ensuring that they fully control their funds and locking out external access. As the wallet’s fully open source codebase is available for inspection on Github, this means any developer can review its code for improvement.

Bitcoin dot com Chief Officer of Operations Mate Tokay couldn’t have been more pleased with the significant event of one million downloads, saying that it was an incredible feat achieved in a matter of months.

He believed that the spurt in downloads after the addition of BCH functionality was also an indicator of interest in the alternative cryptocurrency. Tokay added that such statistics add to the growing amount of evidence that cryptocurrency’s popularity has not diminished but exploded since entering mainstream:

“Digital assets are here to stay, and Bitcoin dot com wants to help people understand cryptocurrencies, and use them in their everyday lives — The Bitcoin dot com Wallet is meant to bolster that vision.”

Bitcoin dot com’s Wallet is Easy to Use

Bitcoin dot com’s wallet client is built for seamless integration of digital assets that allows anyone to easily send and receive both BTC and BCH.

With mainstream adoption yet to reach its peak, Bitcoin dot com foresees the billion user milestone to only be a matter of time, particularly when its wallet solution features the best in security and ease of use.

That it reached a million downloads so quickly only speaks volumes of crypto’s future potential to change the world of finance and Bitcoin dot com urges observers not to miss out on the digital revolution marching across the globe.

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