Crypto Betting Platform XWIN CryptoBet Disrupts Conventional Gambling

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Crypto Betting Platform XWIN CryptoBet Disrupts Conventional Gambling
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Blockchain-based betting platform XWIN CryptoBet aims to create more stable, secure and transparent system for both players and bookmakers.

Betting on sports is an exciting activity that instills a sense of anticipation and that’s one of the main reasons why gambling has so much traction. The industry may seem rewarding to many passionate players, but it also involves risks that some people don’t want to assume. Blockchain technology can help people enjoy the game without worrying about possible challenges by streamlining the process and providing safer, more transparent gambling.

Fully-transparent, Ethereum-based sports betting platform XWIN CryptoBet, aims to develop a more stable, secure and transparent place for avid players and bookmakers. The new project leverages a PoS (proof-of-stake) model based on smart contracts on Ethereum. It will feature its own token to help sports betting enthusiasts enjoy the experience in full.

Sports Betting on Blockchain Becomes More Interactive and Secure

XWIN CryptoBet is made up of a team of professional founders and advisors with vast experience in both business and sports. Their objective is to develop a fully-decentralized platform that benefits bookmakers and players alike. One of the core chatacteristics of XWIN is the safe, transparent space for placing bets on sports. Owing to Blockchain tech, there are no risks commonly linked to traditional betting, like penalties for frequent winners, sudden account lockouts or additional arbitrages.

XWIN CryptoBet redefines how players act and react when betting on sports. All users will benefit from constant control over their investments and remote availability 24/7 all year round from any device. To make the registration process even easier, player accounts are managed autonomously upon the creation of smart contract accounts on the platform.

Seamless Sports Betting with XWIN CryptoBet

Bookmaking has always been a profitable business in the gambling industry. To make things easier for investors and increase a player’s profits, XWIN provides steady margins of up to 20 percent. All winnings go straight to the smart contract account of the holder. The universal token, that users will use when betting on sports or performing other available activities, is the XWIN token, 80 percent of which are meant for investors and players.

The smart contract model based on the Ethereum Blockchain allows XWIN token holders to engage in trading activities as well-not just sports betting. They can sell off whenever they please keeping in mind that the nominal price is constantly influenced by supply and demand, as well as by spikes commission payments and XWIN token nominal price.

To ensure an agile, seamless experience for everyone, XWIN has a general guarantee fund linked to the nominal price of its tokens. To ensure it stays valuable, the nominal price of the tokens increases as the guarantee fund keep growing. The strategy is meant to prevent risk associated with sudden token exchanges.

Distributing Funds Strategically to Make All Ends Meet

XWIN CryptoBet is still in phase one of its ICO. Those that want to participate in the crowdsale should know that their tokens are fully available in the development stage. At this point, the estimated price for 1 XWIN is 0.0045 ETH. As the general guarantee fund rises, the prices might alter in time as well.

To pursue the mission of building a fully decentralized sports betting platform successfully, XWIN CryptoBet works continuously on expanding and improving its business model. 32 percent of the funds allocated is reserved for development, platform interface and app creation. 35 percent goes into goal execution; building a strong marketing and PR campaign. 15 percent is kept safe for administering and maintaining XWIN in good shape on Ethereum.

As the time of writing this article, the XWIN CryptoBet community has surpassed 7000 members. Those interested to participate or invest in the project can still join the phase one of the ICO and get an additional 10 percent bonus by January 23, 2018.

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