Bitcoin Exhibition Opens for Visitors at Money Museum in Zürich

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by Polina Chernykh · 2 min read
Bitcoin Exhibition Opens for Visitors at Money Museum in Zürich
Photo: The MoneyMuseum, Zürich, Switzerland

The Money Museum in Zurich has opened the new Bitcoin Exhibition aimed at educating people on the digital currency.

The Bitcoin Exhibition was opened in the Money Museum of Zurich in Switzerland. The exhibit, created by the Sunflower Foundation and the local bitcoin community, will help people to better understand the concept of digital currency and see how it works.

The exhibit presents a short guide to the world of bitcoin, encompassing data on the cryptocurrency production and usage.

At first, the exhibit tells the nature of bitcoin, avoiding any technical details. It explains the difference between bitcoin and fiat currencies.

The visitors will also learn where it is possible to buy the digital currency. In Zurich, the Café Schoffel in the Niederdorf neighborhood is known for trading bitcoin at the established ATMs.

Moreover, the exhibit explains how to buy the virtual currency and create the bitcoin wallet. It equips the attenders with the list of main websites for creating the wallet.

People will also understand how and where to spend the digital currency. Notably, there are around seventy companies in Switzerland that accept payments in bitcoin and the Money Museum is one of them. It is the only museum in the world that integrated the digital currency.

The explanation of how to use bitcoin while travelling is also provided. It offers data on the bitcoin price and how it changed through the development of digital currency. Due to the growing number of new users, its price will rise in the future.

The visitors will be able to interact with bitcoin ATMs, hand powered proof-of-work bitcoin miner and display screens that are showcased in the museum. Besides, a manual coin press, a screw press, a drop hammer and a rolling mill are also displayed.

The exhibit also features 12 picture tours, providing basic bitcoin information.

The Bitcoin Exhibition will enable the attenders to gain or expand knowledge of the digital currency. It is the first bitcoin related exhibit ever.

In the wake of growing bitcoin adoption all over the world, educating people on the digital currency is becoming more important.

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