Meet Bitcoin’s First Comic Book: ‘Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto’

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First book about bitcoin called ‘Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto’ is planned to come out in October this year.

Bitcoin community is expected to see the first comic book that revolves around the digital currency. The first novel about bitcoin, called ‘Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto’, is set to be published soon. The book was written by Josep Busquet and Alex Preukschat. The graphic work was done by famous illustrator Jose Angel Ares Garcia, who has already issued some novels.

The book tells the story about mysterious bitcoin developer, still, more details cannot be revealed. According to CoinDesk, Preukschat hopes the novel would increase peoples’ interest in decentralised technologies. Moreover, the book is anticipated to get younger people interested in bitcoin.

The novel was recently previewed at CoinSummit in London and for sure intrigued bitcoin enthusiasts and other people. The writers did not give many details on the storyline, but in the preview video it included miners and NSA.

The team, which started writing the comic in October 2013, said the release is expected in October 2014. The book will be available only in Spanish and it is yet unknown when an English version will come out. The team is now looking for publishers.

Co-editor of, Preukschat studied business in Spain and Germany. He became interested in bitcoin in 2011. Preukschat even tried to open an account on Mt.Gox but said that in the end he lost all his money and then lost his interest in Bitcoin.

According to Preukschat, he first knew about the cryptocurrency after watching a video presentation of Amir Taaki, British video game and computer software developer. Preukschat did not express serious interest in bitcoin until the beginning of 2013. However, he admits that it is one of the most significant technological developments at the time.

The comic provides different perspectives on bitcoin and features elusive and unknown bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Speaking to, Preukschat said that Nakamoto could be a pseudonym for a person or a group of individuals.

Too many people are curious about his identity as it is unknown whether Satoshi Nakamoto is a techie who saw an opportunity to respond to the financial breakdown of 2008 or is it a mad genius who wants to control the world. Anyway, Preukschat considers the real Satoshi Nakamoto should be anonymous.

The official website of the ‘Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto’ is under development now. Still, guests of the site can subscribe for the newsletter in order to receive updates on the project.

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