Bitcoin Price at Risk as BTC Market Liquidity Dips

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Bitcoin Price at Risk as BTC Market Liquidity Dips
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Many analysts believe the risk coming in for Bitcoin raises a caution to investors.

Bitcoin with an incredible run recently saw its market cap skyrocketing to whooping $1 trillion, a new record for the crypto market. Bitcoin’s market record gained the cryptocurrency even more popularity and attention in the community with investors pounding on it. Bitcoin over the weekend went on a great run hitting a new all-time high. Explicitly, the top cryptocurrency on Sunday surged past $58,000 to over $58,300 before settling back to $56,000.

Bitcoin from recent months has outperformed many players according to analysis and with its booming growth of assets rising over 60%, the top cryptocurrency has added about 415 billion dollars to its market cap since the beginning of the year.

Bitcoin with all the incredible rallies and market growth seems to be unstoppable this year. However, the liquidity of the Bitcoin market has been trailing to commodities such as gold as risk start to increase due to lack of price stabilities. The largest cryptocurrency by market cap is currently trading around $53,500 and in terms of percentage has dropped to about 5.8% in the last 24 hours.

Bitcoin at Risk on the Market

Many analysts believe the risk coming in for Bitcoin raises a caution to investors. According to analysts, Bitcoin is on stage to see its price have a wild back and forth ride looking at the available supply for trade. Bitcoin having a market liquidity which trail big players indicate that even lesser flows can cause a big change to its price.

Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou of JPMorgan in a statement said that the risk of Bitcoin having lower market liquidity can make the price of the top cryptocurrency have a more frustrating dip.

Bitcoin’s low market liquidity risk can be associated with many factors. Looking at futures market volume of gold which about 100 billion dollars, Bitcoin’s futures is very low thus 10 billion dollars. Which is just 10% compared to futures of gold.

As per data, though Bitcoin began the last quarter of 2020 with a 300% run, the number of assets keep in exchange addresses dropped to about 2 million. The lack of liquidity to traded added up to higher demands which moved Bitcoin to the recent new record. This proves that just a little more big trades can in both ways drive the cryptocurrency’s price.

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