Bitcoin Becomes a Real Trend: US Museums Start Accepting Cryptos

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Bitcoin Becomes a Real Trend: US Museums Start Accepting Cryptos
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The third U.S. museum, Great Lakes Science Center, has announced that it is going to accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

While skeptics continue to voice their concerns about not a very bright future for cryptos, Bitcoin continues to conquer the world. This time the news about Bitcoin adoption has come from the U.S.

As it has become known, Great Lakes Science Center, a large museum and educational facility in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, is going to accept payments in Bitcoin. Bitcoin transactions will be accepted starting from November 13. The transactions will be processed via BitPay.

The main idea that the institution was bearing in mind while taking a decision to start accepting crypto was to ensure better condition for the growth of the local blockchain ecosystem.

Kirsten Ellenbogen, the CEO of Great Lakes Science Center, commented their new initiative the following way:

“There is a lot of excitement around the conference. Accepting bitcoin is just a small part of the momentum to grow a blockchain ecosystem in Cleveland.”

Integration of Bitcoin

Great Lakes Science Center has become the third museum in the US to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Earlier Museum of the Coastal Bend in Texas and St. Petersburg Museum of History in Florida have joined the crypto ecosystem.

Museum of the Coastal Bend was a pioneer in integrating Bitcoin. It happened in 2013. At that time a museum spokesperson expressed their concerns whether any visitors would use BTC for payments.  Nevertheless, they decided to try.

The initiative has turned out to be a rather promising one and 5 years later Great Lakes Science Center has also decided to try. As it is reported, visitors will have an opportunity to buy admission tickets using cryptocurrencies and visit the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Glenn Visitor Center.

Moreover, the institution offers its visitors to use new mobile apps that are built with the help of such technologies as augmented and virtual reality.

Following the launch of the above mentioned new mobile applications, the integration of Bitcoin is considered to be the second major step of the institution made with a view to enhance visitors experience and to help them better understand the work led by NASA.

Bitcoin Conquering the World

The integration of Bitcoin is gaining a momentum and the initiative of Great Lakes Science Center is just a new proof of this thesis. The number of cryptocurrency users all over the world is growing and the integration of Bitcoin at stores and other public places has become a rather demabded way to conduct payments.

Moreover, recently it has been revealed that even China, known for its negative stance towards cryptos, reversed its stance: Chinese crypto ban is already in the past. Now cryptocurrencies will be legally accepted as a payment method. The Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration has taken a decision to recognize Bitcoin as a property.

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