Launches Bitcoin News Platform, Already Receiving Over 1,000,000 Page Views per Month

August 5th, 2018 at 7:30 pm UTC · 2 min read

Bitcoin News is pleased to announce the news platform is officially live at

As the new source of Bitcoin and Blockchain news from around the world, Bitcoin News has a simple objective: to bring awareness to the general public on the latest media reports, policy changes, events and technological advancements within the nascent cryptocurrency industry.

Bitcoin News looks to meet the growing demand for objective news reporting among the many cryptocurrency communities that continue to expand as the industry gains recognition and prominence. It hopes to provide clarity to events and opinions that potentially affect mainstream and institutional interests, while acknowledging the multi-faceted diversity of global developments in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Neutral News with Integrity

In an environment where information is as ubiquitous as misinformation, Bitcoin News focuses on actual, fact-based reporting that is fair, transparent and sensible, doing its utmost to review all news sources.

Bitcoin News publishes daily stories written and curated by journalists, chiefly on Bitcoin and blockchain developments, initially focusing on major news and events, with a view to develop investigative content to inspire community dialogue critical to democratic opinion.

Backed by independent media and cryptocurrency veterans free from blockchain sponsorship and influence, Bitcoin News is the result of years of thought, experience and vision – grounded by the beliefs that crypto journalism is a public service that should serve the best interests of its readers.

Market Capitalization Information also features a Market Cap page for cryptocurrency market capitalization as a resource for traders to track the performance of over 1,400 cryptocurrency coins, from the industry giants of Bitcoin and Ethereum, to emerging projects like UTRUST and others.

The team hopes that independent crypto journalism continues to be enjoyed by as many international readers as possible and looks forward to even more participation from the community worldwide.


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