Online Shopping to Become Cheaper with Bitcoinus’ New Blockchain-Based Payment System

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Online Shopping to Become Cheaper with Bitcoinus’ New Blockchain-Based Payment System
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The payment solution for e-commerce hopes to attract investors with the fixed transaction fee of 0.5% for over 100 major cryptocurrencies.

There are not too many markets that have been showing double digit growth for more than 20 years straight. The sphere of online retail sales is among these highly profitable sectors – revenues here are reaching new heights every year. Recent enhancement of the role of countries like China and India contributes significantly to the increasing revenues.

Even though the online retail market seems to remain dynamic, this is not the case with the online payment industry.  However, it is undergoing a period of profound transformation, and it is not difficult to figure out the reason – blockchain revolution.

Online Retailers Seek Innovations

Global ecommerce revenues rise at roughly 20% per year. That pace is expected to continue for at least next few years. In 2018 the total global online sales turnover is to exceed $3 trln level according to the prediction based on the worldwide expectations and the actual growth of the market.

When we speak about the increasing performance of online sales industry there is one important aspect to have in mind. Online retail clients have variety of choices today: the supply of products and, in some cases, services in online markets has overtaken the one of their traditional rivals. However, there is another point – the increasing competition between merchants. Now any e-shop that wants to draw a decent amount of customers not only has to maintain the highest business and customers service standards but also needs to find a way to overtake its competitors.

One of the best ways to stand out is to adopt the cryptocurrency payments. Only a couple of years ago it seemed unlikely as there was a limited availability of both – cryptocoins and customers who could spend them. Now the situation has changed – more and more internet users invest in and use Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchain-based currencies.

It may seem to be a great chance for defining progressive positioning in the market. However, it is not that easy to accept cryptocurrencies due to  the infrastructure’s underdevelopment.

Bitcoinus Will Change the Future of Online Payments

Bitcoinus is a company that will soon introduce the crypto payment processing service to virtually any online businesses. It will make all types of cryptocurrencies available to retail customers wishing to buy any item online with their bank cards. The solution is being developed with simplicity in mind. Any retail customer will no longer need to go through long and puzzling process of buying cryptos, thinking about the ways of safe storage and other details. All of the most necessary and market sensitive aspects are covered with Bitcoinus online payment processing.

The merchant reputation system includes the new payment approach. All online businesses will be rated according to their performance level and transparency, allowing the system ensure commercial trust between the two parties.

The solution will change the market the day it enters the world of payments. In the digital world traditional currencies are becoming obsolete as the world of technology moves on. Bitcoin, Ethereum and all the other cryptocurrencies show that the change is long awaited and necessary in order to make money market more efficient and up to date. The whole world is completely obsessed with the idea of secure payments, which no third party can interrupt.

“We are looking at completely different sources for online payments in 5 years. In this considerably short period of time many people will switch to cryptocurrencies instead of what they use now. There is a number of reasons to do so especially for businesses. It is not only because of the low cost or speed, but also because of simplicity and convenience. Today people might see blockchain as a complex and not easily adoptable technology. It is only because of lack of user friendly online infrastructure. We are creating it – we will lead the market and educate everyone how to earn more money and save time. Bitcoinus is here to stay,” says Tomas Mickauskas, the founder of Bitcoinus.

Crypto Payments are Cheap

Another important point to highlight is the low cost of blockchain-based payments. Many of crypto coins can be transferred using blockchain in just a couple of seconds with only a tiny fraction of a cost of a traditional online payment. Some figures to compare: transaction fee for Visa is 2.3%, Masterrcard takes 2.4%, Bitcoin processing has the lowest fee level of 1%.

This is exactly why Bitcoinus will make its way to dominate the industry. All transactions will cost only 0.5%. Being a standard package of Bitcoinus payment processing it will make standard payment gateways look sad.

In comparison to any credit card processing gateway companies, the commission sometimes may add about 10% of the regular pricing. Getting 90% discount for the service clearly brings strong opportunities for cost optimization and lower prices to the end retail clients.

This approach will benefit both sides of a transaction, and, as it gets cheaper for each online business, products’ prices could be reduced accordingly. A couple of percent may not sound like a big deal to a retail customer, however, the actual reduction of the cost will not end at the reduction in the cost of transaction. The price will lower due to the cut of administration costs and many other related expenses that businesses have when they use traditional payment systems instead of blockchain-based simple and reliable solutions. Another example of future benefits is free transactions to B2B clients, who are interested in adopting the cryptocurrencies as their additional new payment method.

Bitcoinus ICO

Bitcoinus’ ICO commences on the 22nd of January. All contributors are able to get generous 47% discount on BIU tokens. The token value of 1 BIS is 0.001 ETH.

All individuals, who support the Bitcoinus project, are also able to get a variety of discounts while shopping on Bitcoinus retail partners’ online platforms and e-shops. BIU tokens are traded in all major exchanges, creating all conditions for the token to be accepted as a payment method to all Bitcoinus partners.

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