Bitsgap’s New DCA Bot Is a Breakthrough in Automated Crypto Trading, New Website Design Emphasizes Usability

Place/Date: - May 6th, 2022 at 11:15 am UTC · 4 min read
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Bitsgap’s New DCA Bot Is a Breakthrough in Automated Crypto Trading, New Website Design Emphasizes Usability
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One of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms called Bitsgap launches its highly anticipated new trading bot, which focus is a dollar-cost averaging strategy. This new DCA bot will help users trade in sideways, uptrend, and downtrend markets. On top of that, Bitsgap presents its new website redesign to streamline its users’ experiences and cover each user’s specific needs and preferences.

Bitsgap excels as a crypto trading platform, thanks to its state-of-the-art automated trading tools, which give it the edge it needs to distinguish itself brightly in today’s market. The platform’s goal is to help both new and established investors explore the possibilities of automated management of their investments and trading, without having to constantly monitor the movements and prices of cryptocurrencies.

The trading platform is well-respected also for continuously introducing new features and services  – thus, making the new DCA bot the most sophisticated and the one that can benefit traders the most.

Known among experts as the “Swiss Army Knife for Traders”, this new DCA bot employs well-tested combinations of tools that really make difference when employed within the bot framework. The first noticeable feature that makes difference is the more accurate entry and exit points, which are generated by multiple trading indicators.

The second prominent feature is automated top-notch risk management settings that really distinguish Bitsgap DCA bot from rivals. This allows users to generate the desired profit according to the standard trading mode, or exit the market completely when the worst-case scenario happens.

The main outcomes for any user who is going to use the DCA bot are regular and stable results. Despite the fact that it seems to be a tool that will only give new investors technical leverage of daily routine automation, it is also suitable for long-term hodlers to accumulate profits in the long run.

The DCA bot works 24/7, performing the same tasks as a skilled trader, but without making human mistakes – which can stem from emotions or wrong assumptions.

The access and use of the DCA bot are convenient and easy, both for desktop and mobile devices. This is due to the user-friendly interface provided by Bitsgap. Thus, users can jump directly to their trades at any time, anywhere, and from any device, they have nearby.

In the near future, Bitsgap’s DCA bot plans to introduce even more features to help users with the decision-making process and further adjust each day’s results on the crypto exchanges.

Complementing the new DCA bot is also the global rebranding of Bitsgap. To keep up with the times and offer users the best possible interface, Bitsgap’s team has reopened its doors to a platform in which the design highlights the interaction and tailor-made crypto services.

The aim of this new rebranding was to place users’ preferences and needs first, as well as to embrace cryptocurrency trading as part of mainstream investments. This will ensure that every person interested in crypto trading will have an expert platform, in which users are informed and educated to make the right decisions with prestigious tools.

What will stand out in the new design are new visuals and valuable information, so that there will be more participation and collaboration between the platform and the users. Since Bitsgap is a well-respected cryptocurrency platform, the rebranding also aims to provide users with a premium product that matches the quality of their services and tools.

About Bitsgap

Bitsgap is a reference in the crypto trading world, having revolutionized the market since its introduction in 2017. Since then, the platform is a benchmark among both beginner and experienced crypto traders, offering more than 15 major crypto exchanges.

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