Block Job Posting Confirms Jack Dorsey's Bitcoin Mining Interest

Block Job Posting Confirms Jack Dorsey’s Bitcoin Mining Interest

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Block Job Posting Confirms Jack Dorsey’s Bitcoin Mining Interest
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The new job postings mean that the company’s plans to create a BTC hardware wallet are finally becoming a reality.

Block has revealed its plans to develop the next generation of mining ASIC. The Block company is also said to design hardware wallets for up to 100 million Bitcoin holders. The company’s most recent job postings on LinkedIn made the insight into the plan possible.

Block and Bitcoin Mining

While Block has over 650 available positions globally, the company posted openings to two roles at the company headquarters in the last 24 hours. The roles are that the custom digital design lead and the hardware wallet global fulfillment and logistics lead.

Per the first job description, the custom digital design lead will assist in the silicon validation of the ASIC and its prototype. The ASIC is a bitcoin mining device. It is generally considered the best option to secure the Bitcoin network. Thus, the job posting underlines Block’s bitcoin mining interest and its plans to develop custom-built ASICs for the purpose.

For the hardware wallet’s global fulfillment and logistics lead, any successful candidate will ensure self custody service that is easy-to-use and reliable. This will be directed at a global audience with Block aiming to design and distribute hardware wallets in over 100 countries.

The job posting confirm Jack Dorsey’s announcements back in 2021. Prior to changing its name from Square to Block so, it could reflect a focus on multiple business lines, Jack announced the company’s Bitcoin mining interest.

He tweeted that “Square is considering building a Bitcoin mining system based on custom silicon and open source for individuals and businesses worldwide.” Additionally, the company had earlier claimed to be creating a BTC hardware wallet for custodial services. The new job postings mean the plans are finally becoming a reality.

Jack’s Undying Support for Bitcoin

Jack has used every opportunity since stepping down as the CEO of Twitter to voice his support for Bitcoin. He has also been critical of proponents of Web3 including Andreessen Horowitz. Elon Musk also supported some of his assertions calling Web3 a marketing buzzword. The VC firm CEO did not waste time blocking Jack after the last spat of words between the two.

Other than that, Jack has continued to win over NBA stars Andre Iguodala and Klay Thompson. The duo will receive some of their wages in Bitcoin using Block’s Cash App. 

Apart from crypto services, Block is a holding company comprising several other companies including Square, CashApp, Spiral, Tidal, and TBD54566975. These companies are individually committed to improving the adoption of Bitcoin in the mainstream sector.

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