Blockchain-based Job Platform Blocklancer Launches ICO Today

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Blockchain-based Job Platform Blocklancer Launches ICO Today
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The distributed autonomous job platform Blocklancer, which is aiming to change the freelancing industry bringing benefits to all stakeholders, starts its ICO today.

Blocklancer, a cutting-edge innovative Ethereum-based platform aimed at wowing the freelancing industry by providing remarkably increased levels of reliability for freelancers and customers, starts its ICO today, January 16, 2018.

Blocklancer positions itself as the first “Distributed Autonomous Job Market” which is created to become a place where employers and freelancers are able to find each other avoiding the need for third parties’ participation.

Blocklancer is focusing on development of a trustworthy platform that all participants of the labor market can rely on. Blocklancer offers relatively lower fees (fee entailed in making an employment contract will be only 3 percent of its price with no hidden charges, and 100 percent of the means will be distributed among Blocklancer’s token holders), a decentralized tribunal system enabling fair dispute resolutions and guaranteed payments. The founders of Blocklancer claim that by disintermediating contracted work the platform can solve a variety of significant problems within the market; among others these include payment security, biased decision making, etc.

In September, 2017 Blocklancer managed to achieve unbelievable results reaching its ICO pre-sale target in the first few hours since the launch. Aimed at collecting a maximum of 500 ETH the pre-sale started on September 7. And though it was initially planned that it would last till September 21, the pre-sale was concluded far sooner. When Blocklancer decided to raise the cap to 1,000 ETH, it took only 72 hours for this amount to be reached. In general, 221 investors took part in the pre-sale and became Lancer (LNC) tokenholders.

In its ICO that starts on January 16 and lasts till February 28, 2018,  Blocklancer hopes to raise $50 million. At the early bird sale 15 000 LNC are offered for 1 ETH.

Being a leading-edge Blockchain startup, Blocklancer has made public its intention to pay a part of the salary to its staff in the Ethereum cryptocurrency. This idea is based on the fact that wages in cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, one of the major virtual currencies, has a potential to attract a great number of technologically-skilled talents because progressive people are currently willing to convert their fiat money into cryptocurrencies.

It’s also worth mentioning that Blocklancer is not the only organization that is going to remunerate its staff in cryptocurrencies. As it was informed by Tokyo-based GMO Internet Group, their team of more than 5000 employees would have a possibility to get their wages in Bitcoin as early as in March, 2018.

Among the benefits of crypto salaries the experts recite the following ones: ease-of-use, absence of geographical limitations, lower fees and large earning potential. That’s why it is widely believed that implementation of wages in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in the whole will open new opportunities for both employees and employers.

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