Blockchain-based Online Shopping Platform Eligma Releases Alpha Version of AI-Driven Category Predictor

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read

Days before the crowdsale starts, Eligma, a cognitive commerce startup, has attracted investors’ attention by showcasing remarkable development process of their AI-driven platform.

Obviously, there is always some space for improvement and AI-driven shopping platform Eligma, which is still working its tail off to pave the way to customers’ minds, is not an exception.  As soon as the startup had shed a light on online shopping industry introducing cryptocurrency payment system as a revolutionary solution to streamline everyday transactions and reward customers’ loyalty, the Eligma team launched the alpha version of their AI-driven category predictor.

According to the product description, this module presents the basis for the innovative discovery feature that relies on an algorithm, enabling to recognize the product’s category and then implement a specifically trained AI agent, familiar with all the characteristics of the products in category detected. In such a way, the platform can offer precisely what the user needs.

Currently Eligma is holding a presale of its tokens, which is to be followed by the public crowdsalestarting on April, 17th, pursuing the goal of raising enough funds for further project’s development.

The startup’s roadmap reveals that later on the above mentioned feature will also be connected with a Chabot, set to conduct a users’ poll and analyze collected answers in order to provide the optimum item discovery results. The option to incorporate AI into the process of searching for the best deal available amongst all online stores is the first of the three major cornerstones that empower the Eligma platform to act as a comprehensive online store aggregator.

During the presentation of the developed first stage of the Eligma’s discovery feature, CEO Dejan Roljic stated:

“Our revolutionary technology will enable us to introduce a new market solution reflecting the needs of the contemporary buyer and making the online shopping concept a lot simpler. It is our ambition to make our solution global and set a new benchmark for all existing online sellers.”

The other two functionalities, that  have been already highlighted, are going to be developed during the later stages of the project. These are an automatic inventory of one’s property, that suggests the best time to resell one’s unwanted possessions, and a loyalty system rewarding Eligma users with ELI crypto tokens. The latter feature is well underway whereas the tests are starting mid-April and the call for first testers will be made in the upcoming days.

Within the last two months foregoing pre-crowdsale campaign, Eligma has released several encouraging announcements that display team’s deep confidence in the product they are developing. Eligma’s vast and experienced advisory board includes Andy Baynes, former Executive at Apple, Nest and Google, Prof. Dr. Herman Eul, former Intel Corporate Vice President, Herman Gyr, founding partner of Enterprise Development Group (EDG), Peter M. Moricz, co-founder of ChainX to the latest addition, crypto advocate and the founding partner of the Bitcoin Foundation, Charlie Shrem and many more.

Working together, they created a testing lab, which is set in the region’s well-known BTC City, one of Europe’s largest and most diverse shopping centers – real life Bitcoin City, where they plan to test their cryptocurrency transaction system – Elipay, right before they make it available globally.

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