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Crypto Exchange Bittrex Finally Re-Opened New User Signups but Then Paused Them Again

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
Crypto Exchange Bittrex Finally Re-Opened New User Signups but Then Paused Them Again
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Seattle-based cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has unveiled its upgraded website with a view to accept new user registrations.

Bittrex team has announced that new users are again invited to sign up through their renewed website after the suspension of registrations. Let us remind that due to the enormous rush of new users to the platform caused by the skyrocketing public’s attention to the cryptocurrencies in December, Bittrex was enforced to pause registrations.

Owing to the cryptocurrencies boom that we could observe in the last months of 2017, a whole new segment of newcomers who wanted to try their own forces in trading and investing were attracted to crypto exchanges. As a result,  a great number of existing platforms, if not all, experienced performance issues and delays in support services subject to the fact that they were completely not ready for such a situation.

Taking into consideration such circumstances, Bittrex team made up their mind to upgrade their infrastructure and focus on ensuring a better quality of services provided to already existing clients.

Newcomers who wanted to enter the platform were not accepted to the board immediately, instead of that they were enrolled through a waiting list program over the past few months. Now all these clients that were included into the waiting list need to complete identity verification procedures in order to finish their registrations.

Bittrex now is also launching a redesigned website  with an enhanced level of security, that’s why all the people who want to join the exchange will need to go through a series of KYC verification checks before they will get an opportunity to use the platform.

Now, after serious updates, the exchange is expected to welcome new clients and accept corporate account applications. Speaking about their new moves, Bill Shihara, CEO of the company said:

“We’ve spent the past four years building Bittrex on the founding principles of innovation, security and responsibility. Given these principles, pausing new user signups during a period of immense trading volume was not a decision we took lightly, but our responsibility to provide customers with a reliable platform and outstanding customer service, made it the right thing to do”.

But just after the platform re-opened registrations due to a huge influx that it couldn’t handle with, it had to temporarily pause the process once again.

As it is obvious, users were not happy about such a situation as it happened just at a peak trading time and Bittrex is one of the major platforms on the market. At press time, there is no official announcement whether the team has already fixed its services.

Bittrex was established in 2014 when three cybersecurity engineers decided to create an innovative secure blockchain platform for crypto traders in the United States. That’s how its story began. But since that time its staff has been extended and now the company has more than 50 full-time employees and around 100 support specialists.

With such a strong team and recent updates, it is believed that earlier problems including delays and slow connectivity should be wiped out soon.

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