Blockchain-based Startup Faceter Presents Revolutionizing Video Security Solution

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Startup Faceter revolutionizes the way private houses and small businesses are protected by rolling out its innovative blockchain video security solution.

It is every traveller’s worst nightmare: you are relaxing on vacation far from the big city and work tensions when your security smart app alerts you to a breach of your front door. You watch anxiously on your smartphone as the intruder opens the front door and your alarm is activated. Your prowler runs off—Phew!!!

However, many thieves, now familiar with your security system, will come back. Fortunately, in the near future, your Faceter video surveillance system will be able to compare his image to millions of other criminals in its database in real time, pull up your thieves name and current address and send it to the local police bureau—all while he is opening the door.

Then your real-life crime scenario turns sci-fi. Connected digital surveillance videos throughout your city are tracking your visitor’s moves, while a quick query reveals his digital footprints before he arrives at your home.

Professional Digital Video Security for Home and Businesses

Governments and corporations are only starting to envision and test these next generation security features. Of more than 250 million cameras installed across the globe, less than two percent are high definition digital HDTV cameras. In large cities, where 200 CCTV cameras are operating per 1000 residents, the security potential is enormous when advanced intelligence is added to these security nodes.

By 2030, video surveillance will be actively scanning most of our public spaces. The addition of smart connected digital home cameras, forecasted to grow at a rate of 11 percent to $8 billion between 2017–2023, would significantly expand local intelligence and security networks.

Faceter is already rolling out its blockchain video security solution to private houses and small businesses. The advanced technology is able to detect facial features, sounds, speech, motion, objects, and elements such as fire and water in real time. The main barrier to advanced digital real time video surveillance is computer resources. Cloud hosting costs quickly escalate as advanced digital features are added, and the cost of powering these systems 24/7 is a large constraint even for local governments.

Smart Digital Video Security for a Low Subscription Fee

The international security team has resolved the issue by creating GPU hubs powered by cryptocurrency miners. Individuals and small businesses can buy monthly or annual subscriptions to connect their video surveillance cameras. Even data from low cost internet cameras can access the advanced facial detection and other features of the Faceter video camera system.

The intelligent Faceter system analyzes the information, and can compare it in real time to related data, such as a predetermined list of individuals of interest. APIs will enable Faceter to connect to smart home and local security systems, making it harder for a burglar to cover up his digital tracks.

Insurers have been promising the smart home of the future—a surveillance system that not only detects the fire, but sets off the fire alarm, monitors the damage and files an insurance claim. The enabling technology now exists. Faceter’s system will be able to detect the size and color of the flames, smoke density, and so on. Fire departments can not only respond faster but also make more accurate resource allocation decisions.

Faceter is adding many new features, including text and numbers recognition, objects and actions detection, and recognition of a person by silhouette, body proportions and movement patterns. The camera could hone in on the type of gun your burglar is carrying or the brand of his shoes. Car details and license plate numbers recognition will be added in 2019.

Faceter software is available out of the box or on the cloud for businesses. The crowdfunding will support the roll out of a mass market version on a computationally cheaper fog network in 2018, providing consumers with an affordable smart device that can even link up to a cheap internet camera.

The subscription-based service scales up according to the number of cameras used, so consumers pay according to the size of their surveillance operations. One household would have a smaller bill than someone surveying both a country home and small business.

A subscription can be bought with fiat payment methods or the Faceter token (FACE). The Faceter token pays the miners, who power the system. The FACE ICO is running from February 15 till March 30th, following the pre-ICO, which sold out $10M in FACE tokens in just 20 seconds. The FACE token is coming to the first exchange in April, and will be available on other cryptocurrency exchanges soon.

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