Blockchain-based Startup Otcrit Wants You to Trade Information on Its Platform

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Blockchain-based Startup Otcrit Wants You to Trade Information on Its Platform
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The platform sets an ambitious goal of creating the source of transparent and trustworthy real-time data for cryptocurrency trading and brings on board the community of blockchain enthusiasts to work together with professional experts.

Just like Bitcoin, ICOs had been living through a tough period for a long time before they gained worldwide popularity. The recent studies by funderbeam demonstrate the exponential growth of the industry: the funding increased from $228 million in 2016 to $2.8 billion in 2017. This explosive development generates massive amount of data.

Otcrit offers the solution to the problem of informational chaos we live in now. The difference in approach to the business model makes it an outstanding project. Otcrit is not aimed at making product, it is creating a platform that can become a source of trustworthy information of the cryptocurrency market.

The main idea that led to Otcrit’s occurrence can be divided into two parts. Firstly, lots of people who have deep knowledge of the market can not benefit from it and lose the incentive of sharing it and developing in this sphere. Secondly, the working model of modern exchanges is far from being perfect: projects have to pay for listing and the quality of information may be pour.

Our time is called the era of information – and Otcrit brings trading with information to the new level. The team of blockchain specialists combined its efforts with the professional experts in the cryptocurrency market to create a community of researchers, traders, and investors. Otcrit is not a platform made just for sharing personal opinion, it allows users profit from the qualitative content they create.

A solid team of experts will work hard to provide users with a wide scope of materials: technical, execution, competition and other kinds of analyses and researches. However, the community of Otcrit will become the driving force of the development of the project. All members of the project will be able to create their own materials; people with high rating can be hired by other users to make some specific researches. This approach to creating content will allow Otcrit keep in pace with the fast-developing cryptocurrency market.

The important part of the platform is Otcritex – an advanced cryptocurrency exchange. Today most exchanges take money for the ability to be listed on them. The Otcrit team changed this paradigm in order to create the information of high quality. The team of experts will work together with the community of Otcrit to evaluate new blockchain-based projects.  The ones with the best reputation will be listed on Otcritex for free.

The amount of the information one can get on Otcrit is not limited to researches and projects descriptions. The platform provides features which help to organize trading process: events calendar, newsfeed. The Otcrit Top 100 Index is a one more useful tool: it is a cryptocurrency index of actively developing currencies. The mechanism of listing is close to the one that projects go through to get on Otcritex. The infrastructure of the Otcrit platform is aimed at providing traders the actual information and helping them to make the most of their investments.

Cryptocurrency trading has become a global trend. Nevertheless, successful trading is about lots of different factors. But the key one is information. Warren Buffett said: “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.” Otcrit is a platform that can provide investor with all the information needed.

The Beta version of Otcrit is to be released in the beginning of February. The creators of the platform want to allow users to try it before the presale scheduled for February 15.

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